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Spring Term

Parents Meeting


Thank you to all those parents who attended the meeting on Wednesday 13th February. We had a lovely discussion about their thoughts on aspects of school life and how they think we could make this school even better. Some of the topics included: communication – they said parents like the weekly newsletters. They feel there are some language barriers. Library – they liked the idea of have a larger, better equipped library. Safeguarding – they felt the school needed to have safer boundaries around the perimeter. PTA – they liked the idea of setting up a PTA to plan and hold events and create some funding for those extras that make the children’s experiences better. If you are interested in being part of a PTA then please do contact the school. We will take the names of all those interested and arrange a further meeting to set this up.

Class Names


We are very excited to announce that after February half term we will be introducing the children to new class names to replace the colours that we currently use. We have chosen to go with woodland animal names to embrace the lovely woodland areas that we have around.

As from half term the new class names will be as follows:

RECEPTION Purple Class to Badger Class. Blue Class to Bat Class.

YEAR 1 Yellow Class to Owl Class. Green Class to Rabbit Class.

YEAR 2 Red Class to Hedgehog Class. Orange Class to Squirrel Class.

We are confident that the woodland animal theme will excite and engage the children. Over the half term break it would be lovely, if together with your child, you could find out some interesting facts about their new class animal ready to share on the first day back. The Monday after half term will be devoted to learning all about the class animal and producing some beautiful art work to go on display.

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Couch to 2k


On Wednesday 30th January, we had a visit from Stephanie Twell, an Olympic athlete who has competed in two Olympic Games! We are very excited to announce that she will be starting an after school running club ‘From Couch to 2k’, alongside Mr Kleboe, starting from next Wednesday and running for 6 weeks. This is a great opportunity for you to take part in a fun exercise club with your children and we are delighted that so many of you have already signed up. We hope to see more of you signing up in the coming days.

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