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What will we see on a journey through Africa?

What will we see on a journey through Africa?


This half term, we are learning to find and locate Africa on a map and we will explore the countries that make up this great continent. We will compare Farnborough to Accra, a Ghanaian city, and think about the similarities and differences between the two. We have an exciting trip planned to Marwell Zoo and we will use our experience to identify animals that can be found in Ghana's National Parks and we will learn why these animals are suited to their habitat. We will then design and make an African Safari vehicle and test whether it is suitable. We will also welcome an African Drumming group to Farnborough Grange and will have the opportunity to listen to, learn and perform African music and dance.


On Friday 15th February, we will have an African Day which families and friends are invited to. This will give the children the opportunity to share and celebrate their learning with you. There will be African music, food and artwork to share and we hope that you can join us.

Colour Mixing


In Art, we have been learning to identify the primary colours. We explored mixing the primary colours together to make secondary colours and we will use this skill to create our own African artwork.

Where is Africa located in our world?


We have been learning to find Africa on a map of the world. We started off by putting a map puzzle back together in teams and discovered that it was a map of Africa. We now know that Africa is a continent made up of lots of different countries.

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Care for oneself; Care for others; Care for the environment.