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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!



Teaching Staff

Mrs Jane Armstrong               Head Teacher

Ms Karen Callow                    Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Karen Tinson                   Nursery Teacher

Mrs Neema Lakhani               Purple Class Teacher

Mrs Caroline Sutton               Purple Class/PPA Supply Class Teacher

Mrs Maggie Wales                 Blue Class Teacher

Mrs Maddie Church               Yellow Class Teacher

Miss Rachel Daniels              Green Class Teacher

Mrs Claire Joy                        Red Class Teacher

Mrs Leanne Sturt                   Orange Class Teacher

Miss Gillian Stewart               Reading Recovery Teacher



Administrative Staff

Mrs Donna Tooley                                                      School Business Manager

Mrs Verity Marsland

Mrs Jinny Ford



Foundation Stage Support Staff                   KS1 Support Staff

Mrs Sirajun Ahmed                                                     Mrs Gaynor Alldritt

Mrs Carol Clancy                                                        Mrs Carla Hindle

Mrs Linda Barney                                                       Miss Siobhan Emerton

Mrs Claire Jasper                                                       Mrs Carol Clancy                               

Mrs Trish Carey                                                          Mrs Gail Chant

Mrs Frances Regan                                                    Mrs Karen Martin

Mrs Louise Prins                                                         Mr Marc Kleboe

Miss Jenn Stockwell                                                   Mr Jamie Fallon

Miss Therese Wheeler                                               Miss Emma Oatham                      



Lunchtime Leaders                          

Mrs Lynda Wing          (Supervisor)                           Mrs Kate Browning

Mrs Mary Munday                                                      Miss Sarah Pugh       

Mrs Linda Crackett                                                     Mrs Amanda Jenner

Mrs Jinny Ford            (Supervisor)                            Miss Stephanie Hearnshaw

Miss Kira Cull

Mr Jamie Fallon                                                         


After School Club                                  Breakfast Club

Mrs Maria Bolland                                                       Mrs Gaynor Alldritt

Mr Jamie Fallon                                                          Miss Tracey Carroll

Mrs Belinda Warren                                                    Miss Emma Oatham

                                                                                    Miss Danielle Burge


Parent Support Advisor                            TOPS & Early Bird/Early Support

Mrs Linda Graham                                                      Mrs Liz Jones

                                                                                    Miss Claire Lutas


Site Management/Cleaning/Letting                 ICT Support

Mr Paul & Mrs Betty Hammond                                    Mr Dan Britten

                                                                                      Mrs Dawn Bane

Care for oneself; Care for others; Care for the environment.