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Are all celebrations the same?

Are all celebrations the same?


This half term we will be exploring lots of different celebrations from Bonfire Night, Remembrance Day, birthdays and finally Christmas. We will be finding out if we all take part in these events and if so, how we celebrate them? We will be working towards performing a Christmas play in December. 

Highlight of the week

WB 16.12.2019

This week our highlight was our amazing nativity play "Christmas Counts."  We sang, acted and danced with gusto and are so proud of ourselves.  We know all the grown ups that came to watch it enjoyed it! Have a merry christmas everyone.

w.b. 4.11.19


This week our highlight has been exploring our new mud kitchen. We have been using lots of exciting language to describe the mud including: squishy, yucky, sticky and squelching! 

w.b. 11.11.19


This week our highlight came on Friday when we had a spotty day for Children in Need. The children wore their own clothes to school in exchange for a donation. Over the day we completed lots of different spotty activities. 

w.b. 18.11.19


This week our highlight has been sharing the book 'Kipper's birthday'. We talked about invitations and how important it is to send them out on the right day. We have all written our own invitations for our class toy's birthday party next week. Here is a copy of the story for you to share at home. 

w.b. 25.11.19


This week our highlight has been cooking for our class toy's birthday party on Friday 29th. We made fairy cakes and had to read the recipe to ensure we used the right amount of each ingredient. We talked about the importance of hand-washing first and keeping our work-space clean. As we mixed the ingredients we talked about how they were changing from dry ingredients to a wet mixture. We had to use all our muscles to stir the mixture to make sure it was well-combined. We then decorated our cakes and ate them at the birthday party. They were delicious! 

w.b. 2.12.19


This week our highlight was putting up and decorating our class tree. However, before we could put it up we needed to measure the tables, because the tree was so big we needed to move a table out of the class. The children worked in self-chosen groups and each group chose a piece of equipment to measure the table with. We then had to write down how many pieces we used and take the pieces to the door frame to see if the table would fit out, but it wouldn't as it was too long. So we had to get creative and re-arrange a space in our role play areas for the tree to fit. The children worked brilliantly together and all used the correct mathematical language of longer and shorter when measuring the tables. 

w.b. 9.12.19


Our highlight this week was making Christmas cards. We choose which design to do and had lots of fun making our snowmen and trees. We thought carefully about which shapes we wanted or how long each branch of the tree needed to me. 

Together, we grow our love for learning.