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Autumn 1

Healthy Living


Our first topic for this half term is 'Healthy Living'. We will be learning about what humans and animals need to stay healthy, including how we can eat healthily. We will learn to sort foods into different food groups on the food pyramid and we will design and make our own healthy sandwich. In Geography, we will learn to name the 4 countries of the UK and the 7 world continents. We will also explore where different foods grow. In Art, we will learn to sketch, pastel and paint still life pictures of fruit and vegetables and in Music, we will be learning songs for our Harvest Festival.

Life Education Bus


On Wednesday 18th October, we were very excited to get on board the Life Education Bus! We were very keen to share our learning about healthy living and what our bodies need to stay healthy. We also enjoyed watching the video of Harold the Giraffe at the party and thinking about what it means to be a kind friend. The best part was using our faces to make different feelings such as happy, grumpy and shocked! Have a look at our photos.

How do we know it's Autumn?


In the final week of half term, we thought about the signs around our school that tell us it is Autumn. We went outside to collect some Autumn objects but we had to be quick as it was raining so heavily! Back in the classroom, we thought of different ways to sort the objects, such as by the colours of the leaves.

When the weather got better, we were able to get outside and go on an Autumn walk. We collected leaves & acorns and then used adjectives to describe them. We thought about the smell, texture and appearance. Take a look!

Maths Fun Afternoon


On Thursday 12th October, we really enjoyed an afternoon of fun maths learning with our families. This gave us the opportunity to practise our skills of addition, division, money and shape and we shared different ways to practise maths at home.


Thank you to those of you that joined us, we hope you found it useful and enjoyable! For those of you that couldn't make it this time, here are some photos to show what we got up to.


Look out for news of the Spring fun afternoon!

Counting On


In maths, we have been learning to add one-digit numbers. There are lots of different ways to do this, including counting on mentally, drawing pictures and using objects. We had great fun practising our counting on skills by throwing beanbags as we said each number. We also had a go at doing this as a team, picking a number at random from a pot and counting on round the circle. Have a look!


Perhaps you could practise counting on at home when walking upstairs, taking steps when walking to school or any other times you can think of. Take a look in the maths games section to see fun interactive games to play.

Where does our food come from?


In Geography, we have been learning to name and locate different places in the world. This includes the 4 countries of the UK and their capital cities, and the 7 continents of the world. We have explored different fruit and vegetables that grow in different places and how they get to us in the UK. Have a look at our photos below!

Alien Invasion!


You will never believe it... On Monday, we were just about to read a new story when Mrs Armstrong came running into Red Class to tell us that she could see something mysterious in the woodlands! Well we just had to go and look for ourselves, and we were scared but excited at the same time!


We found a black bag, covered in bright green slime, hanging from the tree and inside was some very strange looking food! We also found a letter from ALIENS! They said that it was their voot and frejj that they like to eat. Luckily, they also gave us some fact files so that we could find out some information about the voot and frejj but we had to put the fact files back together to be able to read them! Take a look!

Keep to the Beat


In Music, we are learning to keep a steady beat when listening to different songs and pieces of music. So far, we have done this by using our bodies in different ways, for example clapping, stamping and marching.

Cats Protection


We really enjoyed our visit from the Cats Protection volunteer. We learnt lots of ways to care for cats and other animals and we were able to share some of the things we already know that cats need to survive. We especially enjoyed stroking the toy cat and looking at the cat toys! Take a look at our photos below.


After our Cats Protection talk, we worked in teams to create a poster telling people how to care for cats. It had to have pictures, include facts and be bright and appealing. We enjoyed learning from each other and created some fantastic posters. Have a look below!

One World Tea Afternoon


On Friday 22nd September, we celebrated One World Tea Afternoon by inviting our families in to share food and activities with us. In Red Class, we had a 'French' theme and made crepes with lemon and sugar. They were delicious! We also made healthy sandwiches to share as part of our DT learning. We learnt some key facts about France and had a go at building our own Eiffel Towers, completed a France word search and coloured in some flags from different countries. What a lovely afternoon we had!

Healthy Sandwiches


This week, we have been learning all about how to keep our bodies healthy and foods that are good and bad for us. We have been busy designing our own healthy sandwiches and on Friday, we were so excited because we finally got to make them! Have a look at the photos below. They were delicious!

African Drumming


On Tuesday 19th September, a group of traditional drummers, dancers and singers from the Ga tribe of South Ghana came to visit us at school. Their name is 'Kakatsitsi' which means 'spiritual strength'. In the drumming performance, they showed us the different drums that they use and we learnt some of the names of the drums, including 'Djembe', 'Pan Logo' and 'Bass Box. We really enjoyed watching the drumming and we also got to join in with some African singing and dancing!

Our favourite part of the day was the drumming workshop where we were able to play the drums, learn some traditional African dances and sing a chant. It was so much fun!


Have a look at our photos below.

Tens and Units


In Maths, we have begun to learn how to partition numbers into tens and units. Counting in tens is really important to help us to be able to do this and we now know what dienes are. These help us to split numbers into tens and units.


Look at the pictures below to see how we did this!

The Disgusting Sandwich


In Literacy, we are reading 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. We had a go at making our own jam sandwiches, giving our partner instructions to follow. We then got to eat half and they were yummy!


We took the other half outside and made them DISGUSTING! As we did this, we were thinking of adjectives to describe our sandwiches. Some of the adjectives we came up with were smelly, yucky, drenched and our new favourite word... rancid!


Have a look at the photos below. Would you want to eat our disgusting sandwiches?

Together, we grow our love for learning.