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Autumn 1 2015

The following photos show you how a session in Nursery runs.
Picture 1 Welcome to Nursery.
Picture 2 Find your peg.
Picture 3 Find your name in your key group area.
Picture 4 Discovery time when you choose what you want to do
Picture 5 Water play
Picture 6 Cars and roads
Picture 7 Threading
Picture 8 Baking
Picture 9 Building
Picture 10 Drawing
Picture 11 Cooking role play
Picture 12 After we have tidied up we say 'Hello'
Picture 13 We join together for a singing session.
Picture 14
Picture 15 Time to wash your hands before ...
Picture 16 Snack time with your friends
Picture 17 Milk or water?
Picture 18 Exercising during group time.
Picture 19 What a busy day. Time to go home.
Together, we grow our love for learning.