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Autumn 2

Fact or Fiction


Our topic for this half term is 'Fact or Fiction'. We will be learning about different stories, including real life stories (fact) and made up stories (fiction). In History, we will find out why we celebrate Bonfire Night with fireworks and what the key events were in the Gunpowder Plot. In Art, we will learn to mix primary colours to make secondary colours and use these to create our own bonfire & firework paintings. In Music, we will be learning songs for our Nativity Performance and we will also explore how to use instruments and our voices to make different sounds. In Science, we will investigate different materials, including their properties and what they can be used for.

Christmas Party


We had a lovely time at our Christmas party, eating lots of yummy party food and playing some exciting party games! Our favourite part was pulling our crackers and reading the jokes to each other! Have a look at our photos below.

Reindeer Revisit!

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Christmas Lunch


On Tuesday 19th December, we all had a lovely time sharing our Christmas lunch together. We all made reindeer hats to wear and enjoyed our food very much!

Christmas Crafts


We have really enjoyed making crafts and cards to share with our families at home this Christmas. Have a look at our photos to see what we made!

Polar Express Afternoon


We had a lovely afternoon celebrating the end of our learning about the Polar Express by watching the film and enjoying a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows!

Reindeer Break In!


Miss Joy and Mrs Cranford checked the school CCTV on Thursday after school and you will never believe what they saw... 3 reindeer had broken into our reception area!


They had posted a letter for us to read from Father Christmas. His sack has broken and he needs a new one in time for Christmas to be able to deliver all of our presents! We need to investigate which materials are strong enough and waterproof so that he can load our presents up on Christmas Eve. Check back here to see the sacks we make for him!

Reindeer Break In!

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Making Santa Sacks


We had a lot of fun making our Santa Sacks. We had to problem solve to test which materials were waterproof and strong enough and we used different joining methods to turn the materials into sacks. Have a look at our photos below!

Meet Elsie the Elf!


On Monday morning, we were very excited when we walked into the classroom because we spotted a mischievous elf up our Christmas Tree! She is called Elsie and has been sent from Father Christmas to watch us doing our learning at school. Keep checking on here to see what else she gets up to during her stay with us in Red Class!

A Midwife Crisis


We enjoyed acting out the story of 'A Midwife Crisis' for our Christmas performance. Please have a look at our photos below.

Christmas Crafts


Over the past few days, we have enjoyed taking part in lots of different craft activities in the build up to Christmas with members of our local community. Perhaps we could show you how to do some of these at home! :)

Phonics Family Fun Afternoon


On Thursday 30th November, we really enjoyed an afternoon of fun phonics learning with our families. This gave us the opportunity to practise our skills of sounding out, blending, sound recognition and segmenting to spell. We also shared different ways to practise reading and spelling at home.


Thank you to those of you that joined us, we hope you found it useful and enjoyable! For those of you that couldn't make it this time, here are some photos to show what we got up to.


Look out for news of the Spring fun afternoon!

Space & Satellites


As part of our learning around 'Fact or Fiction', we had Frankie from SSTL come in to talk to us about what satellites are, what they are used for and how they are used. This linked to our learning about our country and other countries around the world as we looked at satellite images of our planet taken from space. We also looked at different types of satellites and we especially enjoyed seeing the satellites being launched by rockets! Have a look at our photos.

The Jesse Tree


On Thursday, we had a theatre company visit our school to share some bible stories with us. The Jesse Tree is an old Christmas tradition that is used to help to tell the story of the bible from creation to the Christmas Story. In Red Class, we shared the story of 'David and Goliath' and had great fun joining in and learning this bible story. Our favourite parts were joining in with the rhymes in the story and using actions to help us to remember. Take a look at our photos!

The Jesse Tree

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The Jesse Tree

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Smurfs: The Lost Village


On Wednesday, we had a fantastic morning at the cinema watching 'Smurfs: The Lost Village'. We thought the film was really funny and really enjoyed watching it. We were also so well behaved and our teachers were so proud of us!

Bonfire Paintings


In Art this week, we used our colour mixing skills to paint our own bonfires. We were only given red, yellow, black and white and we used these to create different shades of orange and brown. We had lots of fun and enjoyed continuing to explore making different colours. Have a look at our beautiful bonfire paintings!

Good vs Evil


In Literacy, we have been exploring who the good and evil characters are in a story. We used different adjectives to describe them and explored the meanings of different words, including how to add -un and -less to create opposite meanings. We worked in teams to do this. Have a look at our sorting!

Pyjama Day


We enjoyed wearing our favourite pyjamas to school at the end of book week! :)

Book Hunt


We were super excited on Friday afternoon when Mrs Cranford found a piece of card telling us there was treasure somewhere in the school! We had to follow a set of clues which were hidden around the school to try and find the treasure, we were so intrigued to find out what it was... Have a look at our hunt!



This week is Book Week and we have all been enjoying learning the story of Aladdin in our Literacy lessons. On Thursday, we were very excited to be able to watch the pantomime of Aladdin in school. We thought it was great and really enjoyed watching it! Have a look at the photos - it was brilliant!

Colour Mixing


In Art, we have been learning to mix the three primary colours to make new colours. We had to do this by experimenting and trying different colours today. We also thought about how we could make different shades of orange, brown and gold that we can then use for our bonfire paintings.

Counting in Twos


In Maths, we are beginning to learn our times tables and we will begin to solve different problems.


We had to work in teams to put a set of numbers in order but we didn't know what the order was! We had to work as a team to work it out and we found it the numbers were going up in jumps of two! We worked together to put them into the correct order. We really enjoyed the challenge and were great problem solvers!

Building Bonfires


On Monday, we had a go at building our own bonfires using natural materials in the school grounds. We had to do this by working in teams and it took lots of perseverance to get the sticks to stand up how we wanted them to! We then put some mini Guy Fawkes models on the bonfire as we know that this is what happens each year to celebrate the Gunpowder Plot not working. Take a look at our photos below!

The Gunpowder Plot


This week in History, we have been learning all about the Gunpowder Plot and why we now celebrate with fireworks and a bonfire on 5th November. We learnt that Guy Fawkes plotted to kill King James I and we learnt to write a report in English to describe what the main events were.


At the end of the week, we were very excited to take part in a drama workshop and act out the main events of the Gunpowder Plot. Take a look at our photos of us all dressed up in very old-looking clothes!

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