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Autumn 2014

Goldilocks and the three bears


A traditional warning fairytale set in the woods, in which a little girl is lost and enters the three bears cottage while they are out!


The children are introduced to the story by staff using a big book and toy characters.

Picture 1 Daddy Bear has made porridge for his family.
Picture 2 But " is too hot."
Picture 3 A big story book is used alongside the enactment.
Picture 4 The bears return to find Goldilocks asleep in bed.
Picture 5 The story is put to music.
Picture 6 We make ourselves big like Father Bear.
Picture 7 We walk like Mother Bear
Picture 8 ..and we trot like the littlest Baby Bear.
Picture 9 Here is Goldilocks who caused all the trouble.
Picture 10 Props in a builders tray to act out the story.
Picture 11 Feeding Baby Bear.
Picture 12 Exploring the repitition of three.
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15 Alongside the concept of big, medium and small.
Picture 16 Using construction bricks to build a cottage and
Picture 17 the story
Picture 18 ...with conkers, bark and fir cones.
Picture 19 Like the Bears we made porridge.
Picture 20
Picture 21 And like Goldilocks we tasted it!
Picture 22
Together, we grow our love for learning.