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Autumn 2015


We have been cooking and looking at the numbers in the recipe. We like eating the biscuits at the end of the day.





We use lots of different things to help us with our maths.

Sometimes we have challenges to try. This one was to build a chair and then a table that the chair would fit under.





We can build words using different things.


Visitors  (See slide show below)

David Mason

We sometimes have visitors who are very talented. Here David Mason read us some of his poems. We even got to act out a story.

Puppet show

The puppet show was great fun as the puppeteer had made his puppets out of things he found around the house. We helped him to tell the story.

Life Education Bus

We learnt lots about healthy food and what our bodies do on the bus. TAM had body parts that lit up when we touched them with the wand. Mrs McAuley’s favourite bit was when the ceiling lit up with stars.

Together, we grow our love for learning.