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Autumn 2016

We have been busy learning all about World War 1 - Thinking about Remembrance day and why it is important.

We went outside and pretended we were in the Trenches, then we thought about what it would have been like and how we would have felt if we were Soldiers in World War 1.

We have looked at their Uniforms and thought about why they wore what they wore, and how it is different to the Uniform Soldiers wear today.

We were very lucky to get to go to the Aldershot Military Museum and explore all of the different things they had there.

Here are some pictures from our trip...

We were very excited to have David Mason come and visit us. He told us the story of Mr Mud! We planned how to find him and catch him before it was too late!

We know how to partition numbers in lots of different ways

We can label our body parts and talk about our senses

We went on an Autumn Walk around the school to see what signs of Autumn we could find...We listened to the crunchy leaves beneath our feet and talked about what happened to them, why they were crunchy and different colours. We talked about what animals we might find in Autumn and where they might live.

Together, we grow our love for learning.