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Big Draw 2015

The Big Draw at Farnborough Grange Nursery/Infant School.


At Farnborough Grange we have a regular “Big Draw” event for the whole school community. Drawing is important to children’s learning. It is a tool for thought and creativity and is part of how children understand and communicate.


This year we had a special two day “Big Draw” event for the whole school community. We used this event to introduce sketchbooks (Art Books) in Year 1 and 2 and explained how artists use them and the uniqueness of these.


For the 2 days we had a visiting artist, Lindsey Southworth. She ran a variety of workshops that were inspired by the fairy tale “Cinderella”. This fitted with this years “Big Draw” theme of “Every Picture Tells a Story.”

Each workshop took an element of the story to explore:


Colour and shape with pumpkins:


Nursery had grown some lovely big pumpkins (See Nursery class page to see what else we have grown and harvested) which were used for the Year 1 and 2 children to draw.

They worked in their art books experimentally – drawing what they saw, drawing with their eyes closed, drawing the pumpkin and its leaves close up. They looked at the colours and copied them into their art books and the textures and copied those with mark making or rubbings.


Dressing Up/ Dressing Down drawing:

In groups of three the children drew around one child to produce a silhouette. They then chose if they wanted to dress their silhouette ready to go to a party, your best clothes, or to play outside on a rainy day, your old tatty clothes. This workshop gave them the chance to work on a large scale.


Silver foil crowns and cling film glass slippers: The children sellotaped silver foil down onto a surface. Then with felt tip pens they drew coaches, crowns, tiaras and jewellery. They then cut these out and put them in their art books.

They experimented with cling film to wrap around their feet to make transparent glass slippers.


Feeling faces: In couples the children pulled faces at each other – happy, sad, cross, and grumpy. They had to guess each other’s faces and decide – “what makes a mouth look happy?” Teeth showing, lips turned up etc. Then on a sheet with a blank face they draw an expression and had to guess what mood it was.

Music with magical spells: Nursery and Year R had a chance to draw what they thought a magical spell would look like e.g. Smoke (charcoal smudging) flashes of colour, stars etc. A visual explosion drawn large on the floor along to Dukas’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.” Magic wands were at hand to add a touch of drama. This workshop allowed the children to explore & use media & materials while being imaginative.


Castle drawing and Cinderella’s dress: We finished our two days off with a family learning afternoon. Families had the chance to decorate a dress for Cinderella and cast spells on paper. They also expanded a large scale picture of a castle. They added flags with symbols on, turrets, portcullis, draw bridge, windows, arrow slits etc.


Lindsey Southworth:  “Through the Big Draw my aim was to encourage the children to discover and explore their imagination and creativity. Above all I wanted them to have fun. The Farnborough Grange children certainly did that and produced some lovely colourful and imaginative Art work. “





Together, we grow our love for learning.