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Christmas card weaving 2017

In Nursery we are always looking for new and creative ways for the children to practise and improve their fine motor skills. They loved the wide selection of materials on offer: punchinella, pipe cleaners, ribbons, buttons, sequins, beads, pom poms, wool and lace.

The process of selecting and handling these materials to create their own individual weavings was a wonderful opportunity to:

  • promote related vocabulary

  • develop a deeper understanding of the properties of these materials through classification into colours and different textures

  • improve hand eye co-ordination through threading

  • improve thumb and finger pincer movement

  • use buttons and sequins for inclusion in collages

  • support focus and perseverance – they found the task a challenge

Each child’s card will now be a unique and personal Christmas gift for their family.

Together, we grow our love for learning.