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Highlight of the week!

Week beginning 19th October 2020

What a busy week we have had this week!  We stared the week practising our harvest song, Big, Red Combine Harvester. Check out tapestry for the video!


We have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen makes a pizza, tasting bread from France and Poland, which was great fun as we pretended to fly to those countries!  We saw the Eiffel Tower where we tasted brioche and french bread.  Then flew on to Poland to try bagels.  We landed back at Farnborough Airport and drove back to school, all courtesy of google earth!


For our great work finale to our Little Red Hen topic we made pizzas today!  We had so much fun choosing our toppings!  We cant wait to taste them tonight!

Week beginning 12th October 2020.

This week we have been reading the story of the Little Red Hen and starting to use actions to retell the story.  We have used the same actions as Pie Corbett uses with some children.  Click the link to see the story and actions:


We have also been tasting different types of bread and describing the bread using our senses. What does it smell like?  How does it feel?  E.g. Hard, soft, spongy etc. What does it look like? E.g. White, brown, flat, fluffy etc.  What does it taste like?  The children tried a white and brown loaf of bread and wholemeal and plain Roti’s.

Week beginning 5th October 2020

This week we have been out and about in our school grounds.  We have found an 'oak tree'.  We know its an oak tree as there are acorns on the tree and lots on the ground.  We have watched clips of how acorns grow into saplings and talked about squirrels who store away and eat lots of the acorns. 


We made rubbings of the tree bark, collected leaves from it to make leaf prints with next week and talked about how it is a deciduous tree (it looses its leaves). We are going to carry on visiting it through the year so we can see the seasonal changes that happen to it.  We will be creating a floor book all about the oak tree, to show these changes.  Ask me about my oak tree learning! 

Week beginning 21st September

We have had a brilliant time this week learning the story of Supertato. We made our own, don't they look amazing!

Week beginning 14th September


Wow, what a busy full time first week we have had in Badger and Robin classes!  We came in to school to find vegetables stuck up around our classrooms, the evil pea had escaped from the freezer and caused mayhem!  We found carrots taped to the tables, a cucumber who had his mouth taped up so he couldn't speak and then we spotted the evil pea in our shop!


We have been super busy using our super threading powers to tie up the evil pea!


Painted evil pea plates, ordered the story and started to make a story map of 'Supertato' so we can learn the story off by heart!  We will upload our story with actions to Tapestry next week!  

Week Beginning 7th September 2020


This week was full of fun at our stay and play sessions. All children were absolutely amazing at all their visits and we are so proud of them we have decided to move our full time start date forward!  Children can attend full time from the 14th September!  Well done to Robin and Badgers Classes you all look so smart in your uniform with your shiny new school shoes!


We would also like the thank all our parents for the warm welcoming we had on our home visits!  It was a little different this time being as they were doorstep visits but it has really helped us get to know you and your children ready for their adventures in 'Big School'.

Together, we grow our love for learning.