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History at Farnborough Grange



At Farnborough Grange we want our children to celebrate and be inspired by their rich, local heritage.  Our curriculum aims to provide a high-quality history education, which will enable children to develop a coherent knowledge and understanding of the history of Farnborough (specific to Samuel Cody and aviation), Britain and the wider world.  Children are encouraged to ask perceptive questions, think critically, sift arguments, and develop perspective.  Through captivating, immersive experiences, children are driven to question and explore the complexity of people’s lives, the process of change, discuss diversity of societies and understand their own place in history. We strive to support our children to become ‘Historians’ and feel confident to ask questions and share their understanding of History with others. 


  • At Farnborough Grange Nursery & Infant Community school, history is taught within each year group through our enquiry-based curriculum.
  • Our broad, enquiry-based curriculum engages and excites the children and develops their understanding of the world around them, as well as what has gone before.
  • Teachers promote exciting experiences through which the children can develop and use the basic enquiry skills of history.
  • Children will learn essential historical skills such as: using sources, ordering events and asking questions.
  • Each lesson begins with retrieval practice as a way of reviewing previous learning. It also gives children an opportunity to share what they already know about a topic.
  • Teachers use assessment for learning in each lesson to ensure that misconceptions are highlighted and addressed.
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