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28/09/20 - Home Learning - All About Us Week 3


Having thought about themselves and their friends, we begin to expand the children's world this week as they contemplate how their family is different to others'.  They will think about the different people that make up their family, as well as where they live, the things that they like to do together and what their family does to look after them.  They will realise that this is probably not the same as their friends, but that this is what makes every family so special.  The home learning activities are designed to support what the children are learning at Nursery and offer a chance for you to share in the learning as family.  PDF resources are included for your use, but please speak to the school office or a member of the Nursery staff if you require a hard copy.  We hope that you enjoy this week's activities!   


21/09/2020 - Home Learning - All About Us Week 2


As they begin to settle into the routines of the Nursery this week, the children will be learning about their friends as well as talking about themselves.  Attached is the home learning to be used in conjunction with the activities at school.  This is also intended for use in the unfortunate event that a family has to self-isolate.  As in Week 1, PDF resources are provided to support the learning, as well as links to useful videos/websites.  If you are unable to print the resources, hard copies are available from the school office.  Please contact 01252 541879.  If you have any questions about the activities, please do not hesitate to ask the Nursery staff.  We hope that you enjoy this week's learning!  


14/09/20 - Home Learning - All About Us Week 1


We are delighted to provide home learning for the children's first full week at Nursery and the start of our learning enquiry, All About Us.  The activities have been designed to support the children's learning and development in all seven areas of the Early Years curriculum.  Also included are PDF resources to support the activities, including singing/counting ducks and talking about emotions/feelings.  If you are unable to print the resources, please ask a member of the Nursery staff who will be happy to provide copies.  All of the activities should be possible to enjoy with resources/items usually found at home or the links provided.  We hope that your family has fun sharing them together!   

Together, we grow our love for learning.