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How can we be superheroes?

How can we be superheroes?


This half term, we are thinking about what makes us so special and unique. Within this, we will learn to name and identify different parts of our body, including those parts that are linked to our senses. We are excited to experience different smells and tastes as part of this learning. We will learn about the artwork of Henri Matisse and we will create our own self-portraits, focusing on the shape and sizes of the different parts of our faces. As Autumn turns to Winter, we will think about how the weather is changing and identify the different weathers that we experience in the UK. Through weather diaries, we can explore how the weather changes on a daily basis and talk about which weathers we like. We are excited to welcome in a real life police officer, one of our real life superheroes and we will think about the super things that we can do to be superheroes!


To prepare for our great work, we will think about how we can be superheroes and what superheroes are like. We will finish with a superhero day to bring together all of our wonderful learning!

Highlight of the Week


We have had the most fabulous start on our year one journey! We have learnt so much already this week, including settling into our new classes and making new friends.


Our highlight this week was on Roald Dahl Day. We shared the story of Matilda and wanted to be just like Lavender with her love of bugs. We have been exploring the bugs in our outdoor environment. We had great fun and were very excited to find worms, spiders, woodlice, and even dragon flies!


Together, we grow our love for learning.