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How has life changed since the Victorian times?

Highlight of the Week

In music, we turned our classroom into a recording studio! We found lots of different things around the classroom that we could use as musical instruments, such as banging pencils on the bin, turning the pages of books and shaking the pencil pots. We each chose our own instrument and Miss Ferguson recorded the song that we created as Rabbit Class Band!

Highlight of the Week

We made Mother's Day cards for our loved ones and wrote lovely messages inside. We made origami flowers for the front of the card and chose which colour petals we wanted to use for our flower. We had so much fun making these cards and hope that our loved ones appreciated them!

Highlight of the Week

We have been learning all about Victorian inventions such as the telephone, the penny farthing, the post box and photographs. We found out lots of amazing facts about all of these inventions and made a factual poster about the one we found most interesting. We then used our factual posters to write super sentences!

Highlight of the Week

We have been opening the stories we wrapped up for World Book Day and reading them to the class and our teachers. We have loved hearing all of the stories that our friends have brought in and thought it was really brave to read them aloud in front of everyone!

Highlight of the Week - 02.03.2020


This week, we had a very special visitor in year 1 - "Queen Victoria"! We carefully considered what we would like to find out about Queen Victoria and we asked different questions through hot seating, such as 'How many children did you have?', 'Where did you live?' and 'When did you die?'. This helped us to learn more about the Victorian times and what it was like to live in these times.

Highlight of the Week - 25.02.2020


We were very shocked to come across a time capsule in our school grounds - it turns out that it’s from 140 years ago back in the Victorian times! We are so excited to find out all about life for the Victorians!

Together, we grow our love for learning.