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Summer 2 - In Our Bubbles

For the final 5 weeks, Owls & Rabbits will transition to Squirrel & Hedgehog Class ready for Year 2. Check on here to see what they've been up to!

Summer means... WATER FIGHT!

As a little afternoon treat, we got out the buckets, cups & guns to have a water fight! This was of course great fun and we were all full of laughter & happiness! However, we were also able to use this experience to consider what happens to water when it is hot. We talked about evaporation and noticed that the longer we stayed in the heat after the water fight, the quicker we dried off.

What a wonderful afternoon!

Gingerbread Man - Finger Puppets

Continuing from our drama activity, we made our own finger puppets to retell the story of the Gingerbread Man. This enabled us to practise our cutting skills, following the lines to carefully make each character. We then used these to retell the story to a partner which will support us with our writing next week.

The Gingerbread Man - Drama

In English, we are beginning to retell the story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We listened to two different versions of the story before acting it out using the game 'Whoosh!'. We also took part in hot-seating and asked good questions such as "How did you feel when the gingerbread man jumped out of the window?" and "Why did you trick the gingerbread man?".

Cosmic Kids Yoga

We enjoy doing Cosmic Kids Yoga together. This helps us to calm down after our lunch time play and it also stretches our bodies out ready for PE. You can do Cosmic Kids Yoga together at home by following the link below.

Tens and Ones

We have been using dienes to explore two-digit numbers. We practised counting in steps of ten and then used our dienes to partition numbers into tens and ones. This also helps us to find one more and one less than a given number.

The first two weeks have been all about settling the children into their new bubbles and we are so proud of how well they have all adapted. Look at how much learning they have already done - they are just superstars!

Worry Monsters

We recognise that the children may have worries and anxieties with how things currently are. We made our own worry monsters using a disposable cup & paper for facial features. We discussed things that might make us worry and how they make us feel. Our worry monsters will help to "munch our worries up" to help us to stop worrying!

Lunch Time

At lunch time, we enjoy socially distanced picnics in our outside area. This week, we will be eating in the orchard area to shade us from the hot midday sun! Lunch times are a lovely way for us to chat and socialise with each other whilst enjoying our yummy food!

Maths Practise - Number Bonds to 10

We have been practising our number bonds to 10. We used multi link cubes to help us and looked carefully at the patterns when we swapped the bonds over.

Phonics Practise - 'ch'

Handwriting Practise

Daily practise helps us to remember how to form all letters with lead ins and lead outs. We have worked hard on all letters and now recognise the individual letters that we all need to improve in our own writing.

Arts & Crafts

In our first week back, we did lots of different Art based learning. We considered what we all look like, including what makes us all unique, and drew our own self portraits. We also made painted rabbits for a display & Father's Day cards for the special men in our lives.

Science - Plants & Growing

We have recapped our learning on plants & growing, including naming different native plants in our school environment. We found daisies, buttercups, apple trees & giant oak trees - it was really interesting to see the shape of oak leaves! We then considered what plants need to grow and constructed the life cycle of a flower.

Together, we grow our love for learning.