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In a land of Chocolate

In a Land of Chocolate


This half term we have been learning all about chocolate! First we followed instructions and made our own mug cakes, they were delicious! Well done to all the children that made these at home and to the children that made them at school! 



This half term in science, we have been learning all about plants! We have learnt the parts of a plant and labelled the pictures we drew. We have been sorting plants into these parts outside!



We have been doing observational drawings in our art lessons. We have learnt about two famous artists, Georgia O'Keeffe and Vincent van Gogh. We studied their work closely to help us with our own drawings. We drew some close up flowers, like Georgia O'Keeffe and some flowers in vases like Vincent van Gogh. 



In English this half term, we have been writing all about chocolate! We went on a hunt outside to find the golden tickets. After we found all the golden tickets, we put them in order to find out the secret message! It read 'Charlie and the Chocolate factory'. We then describe the amazing chocolate room in the film. We even created our own chocolate room and described it using exciting adjectives!



In maths this half term we have been learning how to count in 2s and 5s. We hung socks on the washing line to help us count in 2s! We also lined up and counted how many fingers there were on our hands to help us count in 5s! We have also been learning about measurement and how to use a ruler. We went around our classrooms to find things that were shorter than 10cm.

RE Day!


On the last day of term we had an RE day! We celebrated Easter through a whole day of RE activities. We learnt about the Easter story and acted it out in small groups. We did lots of Easter craft, like making Easter cards, colouring eggs, making baskets and designing our own Easter eggs! In the afternoon, we learnt about why we have eggs and hot cross buns at Easter. We then got to try a hot cross bun! At the end of the day we went on an Easter egg hunt, it was so much fun!

Together, we grow our love for learning.