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Meet the Team

Head Teacher and DSL

Mrs Cave 


Assistant Head Teacher and Inclusion Lead

Mrs Samuel


Home School Link Worker and DSL

Mrs O’Regan


Early Years Foundation Stage

Mrs Ross

Early Years Foundation Stage Leader and DDSL


Nursery (EYFS)

Mrs Carnie - Nursery Teacher

Mrs Hatley, Miss Tigrine, Miss Wheeler, Mrs Todhunter, Miss Patterson - Keyworkers


Reception (EYFS)

Badger Class

Mrs Ross - Class Teacher

Miss Forder - LSA

Miss Hayes - LSA

Ms Bourne - LSA


Robin Class

Miss Osborne - Class Teacher

Mrs Lightfoot - LSA

Ms Bourne - LSA


Key Stage One

Mrs Church and Mrs Lloyd

Key Stage One Leaders


Year 1 (KS1)

Owl Class

Mrs Church and Mrs Lloyd - Class Teachers

Miss Gordon - LSA

Mrs Adamska - LSA


Rabbit Class

Mrs Taylor - Class Teacher

Miss Browning - LSA

Mrs Kiran - LSA

Miss Rai - LSA


Year 2 (KS1)

Squirrel Class

Miss Woodgate - Class Teacher

Mrs Ward - LSA


Hedgehog Class

Miss Barber - Class Teacher

Miss Mason - LSA


Extended Learning Team

Mr Stevens - Premier Education Sports Coach


Mrs Dougherty - Currently on Maternity Leave


Office Team

Ms Channer

Mrs Ford

Mrs Edwards



Mr Dunford


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Wing, Mrs Butt, Mrs Hall, Mrs Killick


Extended Care (Breakfast/After School Club)

Mrs Watts (DDSL)


Local Committee Members

Mrs Peppin (Chair)

Mrs Cave, Mrs Pickford, Mrs Samuel, Mr Wilkinson

Mrs Morrisroe (Clerk)

Together, we grow our love for learning.