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Mental Health

What is Mental Health?


We know lots about keeping our bodies healthy through things like exercise, getting enough sleep and eating healthy. This is called physical health. But what about keeping our minds healthy?


Mental health is all about looking after our minds and thinking about how we feel. Different feelings are okay but it's important that we have ways to deal with feelings that make us feel "not okay".


Explore the resources below and watch our video, to help you to look after your mental health.

What are you most looking forward to?

Lockdown has been a tough time for everyone and life as we knew it has changed. We cannot do the things we usually love to do and you might find yourself feeling a little sad and confused which is okay. Remember, this won't last forever and when life starts to get back to normal, what are you most looking forward to?

A great way to think of these things is to create your own 'Bottle Moments'. All you need is an empty bottle or a jar and pieces of paper. Write down what you are most looking forward to - it could be swimming lessons, going to the park or seeing family members. Post each little moment into your bottle or jar so that when life is more normal again, you can look at your bottle moments and start to do the things you love again!

Watch our video for more information.

How do you express yourself?

We all like to express ourselves in different ways. We can express ourselves through drama, art, dance, role play, sport and lots of other ways. How do you like to express yourself? Have a look at the pictures and think about yourself.

How can you be kind to yourself?

We often think about how we can be kind to others and how our behaviour affects other people. Have you ever thought about how to be kind to yourself? Use the hearts to think of ways that you can be kind to yourself.

Watch our video for more information.

What makes you so special?

We are all special and unique, but what makes you so special? Have a go at the attached activity below, drawing a picture of yourself as a superhero! Write adjectives to describe what makes you super.