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Welcome, and thank you for visiting.  Remember to check back each week for important information, upcoming events, updates on what we have been learning and fun activities to share at home.  If you would like to find out more about the content on this page,  please speak to a member of the nursery staff who will be happy to help.  If you need to view the content of this page in a different language, please use the Google Translate tab in the top-left corner of this page.  We hope that you enjoy sharing in the excitement of our magical nursery!  



Link - New Parent & Carer Information


For parents and carers of children beginning nursery in September 2020, please use the link below to view the information for new starters including a virtual presentation by the Nursery Lead, video tours of the inside and outside space, important transition dates and a downloadable version of our starter pack.  



Planning & Learning Information


Each half-term we will share details of our planning/learning enquiries, as well as weekly updates on the children's learning.  This will include medium-term plans, topic webs and core book lists.  More information about the importance of these documents can be found by clicking on the sub-pages below.  If you have any questions about the information contained in these pages, please ask a member of the Nursery staff who will be happy to help.  


10/09/2020 - Starting School in September 2021


It seems funny to think that some children haven't returned to Nursery yet and we are already talking about starting school.  And in 2021!  But for Nursery children turning four before the 1st September 2021, parents and carers can apply for a school place.  Applications open on 1st November 2020 and must be made by Friday 15th January 2021.  This is the closing date, so please remember to apply before then.  We hope to welcome the nursery children into our two Reception classes at Farnborough Grange and are happy to support parents and carers in making their application.  Applications can be made online at: or by submitting a paper application to the school.  Copies of the form can be collected from the school office or printed from the PDF below.  For assistance, please contact the school office on 01252 541879.  






10/09/2020 - A Big Thank You to Our New Families


The staff at Farnborough Grange Nursery would like to say a big thank to all of the families who welcomed us to their homes this week.  Home visits had to be a little bit different this year but the staff have had great fun meeting the children on their balconies, in their front and back gardens, and even on driveways.  Home visits are such an important part of children's transition and in getting to know their key person.  It was fantastic that we, regardless of COVID-19, were still able get out and meet our new starters.  We place great value on our parent/carer-partnership and the importance of working together to support children's learning and development.  This year's home visits were testament to the fact that, collectively, we really can help the children to be the very best that they can be.  


03/09/2020 - Reminder: Start Dates for N1s & N2s


Please note that the official start date (subject to attendance patterns) for children returning to the Nursery is:


N2 Start Date - Monday 14th September 


This is to enable staff to conduct home visits and stay and play sessions for new starters, whilst following government guidance on how to limit the spread of COVID-19.   Home Visits will be held on:


N1 Home Visits - Monday 7th, Tuesday 8th & Wednesday 9th September


For the actual date/time of your child's home visit, please refer to your letter confirming their nursery place.  The times for your child's stay and play sessions will be confirmed at the home visit, but will take place on:


N1 Stay & play sessions - Thursday 10th & Friday 11th September


If you have any questions regarding these dates, transitions or your child's return to Nursery, please contact the school office on 01252 541879.  


31/08/2020 - Nursery Long Term Planning 2020-2021


Below is a copy of our long-term plan for the coming academic year.  The table provides details of the different learning enquiries, key learning elements, core books/nursery rhymes, events and the skills that will be taught/introduced in each area of the EYFS curriculum, including through activities like cooking/baking and forest schools.  We recognise that children develop at different rates and that, with children having genuine choice over their learning in Discovery Time, you can never fully predict what they are going to learn.  


When skills are taught may differ from the plan, depending on children's individual needs, development and the choices that they make.  For example, a skill linked to the Spring term could be taught in the Autumn term if staff felt that children were ready or that their play naturally provides an opportunity for it to be introduced.  Our long-term plan provides a loose structure that drip-feeds different themes and concepts throughout the year.  These themes, reflected in the continuous and enhanced provision, allow for play to be successful and productive, as well as broaden children's experience and understanding of the world around them.  This is also known as their 'cultural capital'.  Below is a downloadable PDF of the long-term plan.   


31/08/2020 - Meet Spot the Dog!


Some of you may have seen Spot before.  You might have even read about his adventures at home or at the Library.  We are pleased to announce that Spot will be the character that drives all of our learning in Nursery this year.  He will be there to greet the children on their first day and show them around their new setting.  He will teach the children the routines of the Nursery and the rules that will help to keep them safe.  He will introduce our learning enquiries/themes and challenge the children to learn new skills, including key life skills to build their independence.   He will be there to cheer them up if they hurt themselves and are upset.  He will help the children to identify their feelings and why they might feel this way.  He will teach them about making friends, respecting and taking care of each other.  He will be encouraging the children to enjoy sharing books, just like him.  He might even set the odd learning activity for families to try at home.  Spot is going to be a busy dog this year!  Remember to keep checking the Autumn sub-page (above) to see what Spot and the children have been up to.  


13/08/20 - More Learning Activities to Try at Home - Ages & Stages 


We hope that you have enjoyed trying some of the ages and stages activities at home with your children.  We realise that some of our new starters won't quite be 3-years old when they begin nursery, so here are some activities to support the development of slightly younger children.  These are ideal for our 2-year old starters who will soon be joining the Giraffe Group.  Each of the activities are designed to be playful and fun, using resources that can readily be found at home.  We hope that you enjoy sharing them as a family.  


12/08/20 - Learning Activities to Try at Home - Ages & Stages


The time to start nursery is fast approaching and you might be wondering what you can do to help prepare the children for September.  Below are some Ages and Stages activities, designed to help support the healthy development of 3-year old children.  These are all simple, fun activities that can be enjoyed at home.  Remember to talk about what you are doing to support the children's language development.  Encourage children to do as much as they can by themselves, and keep trying if they find it tricky.  We hope that you enjoy the activities and look forward to hearing all about them at the upcoming home visits.  


03.08.20 - Sneak Peek - New Outdoor Music Area


Here is an early look at our new, outdoor music area.  To the untrained eye, this might look like a lot of plastic tubes, old pots and pans, rusty buckets and bin lids.  But to the nursery children (and let's be honest, the adults), this is an exciting outdoor orchestra capable of making all kinds of incredible sounds.   


We love music at Farnborough Grange Nursery.  We use it a lot.  The children sing 'hello' to each other in their key groups, hum 'time to tidy up...' as we pack things away, learn rhymes to help develop their communication, improve their counting, even wait out a delay.   In fact, research has shown that musical experiences in childhood can actually accelerate brain development.  


So when the children are banging those pans, tapping those pots, whacking those tubes (sorry, Boomwhackers) and rattling those cups, not only are they having lots of fun they are also improving:


- their ability to organise new thoughts & ideas

- their auditory processing & memory (important for reading)

- their physical development (including hand-eye coordination & control of tools)

- their confidence and self-esteem

- their emotional well-being


And that is just a few of the benefits!  As you can tell, we are thrilled with our new outdoor music area and can't wait to share it with the children.  Please take a look with them at the picture gallery below.  What objects can they see?  How will they play the different objects?  What might they sound like?  

Together, we grow our love for learning.