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Our Bespoke Enquiry Based Curriculum


At Farnborough Grange, we have three values. Our three school values are lived through our curriculum, as above all we believe that every child should have the ambition to be the best that they can be. Therefore, we respect education and the power that it holds, we aspire to be all that we can be, and we belong in a community that shares the same aspiration and belief that the world truly is out there for us to experience. The staff feel the privilege of providing children with the building blocks that they need to access the next stages of their education and all staff are passionately committed to ‘filling the gaps’ for all children, whatever those gaps may be, to enable them to achieve their full potential in the future.


The Farnborough Grange curriculum centres around providing children with the tools and experiences that they will need to succeed in their future education and eventual chosen careers. Our learning enquiry approach develops a natural curiosity, and our curriculum aims to challenge our children, pushing them beyond the realms of what they believe they can do.


In the classroom where our vision is brought to life, you will see inquisitive children who are asking and answering questions, persevering in their learning and challenging themselves to take the next steps. Throughout, you will see adults facilitating discussion, assessing children’s understanding and continually supporting children to improve. Learning is exciting and engaging, with activities planned to embed key knowledge, and skills which build and progress as children move through the school, starting small and dreaming big.


Our learning extends beyond the national curriculum with the aim of giving our children an enriched experience, so that they develop a greater cultural capital. We aim to achieve this through providing the children with a broad range of experiences and opportunities to bring learning to life beyond the classroom.


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