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Pupil Parliament

Our Pupil Parliament 


Farnborough Grange School Council

We are delighted to announce that our four school council representatives have been elected across Years 1 & 2 and we are very proud of all of them! Year R representatives will join us later on in the school year. Each child has been given a yellow badge to wear so that their classmates know who to share their school ideas with.


Here at Farnborough Grange, we believe it is vital for ALL children to have a voice and to feel as though their views and opinions count.

Each councillor has to ensure that the views of all of the children in their class are heard. They work hard to find ways of collecting the ideas and suggestions of the rest of the school by having:

  • a notebook to record the views of others enlightened
  • class votes noyes
  • posters
  • questionnaires


Our Pupil Parliament is led by Mrs Church. We meet regular to talk about any issues that have been raised by the children in our class and our Pupil Parliament representatives collect feedback from their classmates.

Check back on here to see any of the great changes that take place thanks to our Pupil Parliament.

Farnborough Grange Eco Council


In the coming days, Years 1 & 2 will be holding elections to find their new class representatives. Year R representatives will join us later on in the school year.


Here at Farnborough Grange, we want to educate our children on ways to care for the wonderful planet in which we live. Through this, we look at many different ways of being eco-friendly such as recycling, reducing food waste and saving electricity. Our Eco Council will be responsible for regularly maintaining our compost patch in our grounds, as well as monitoring our food waste on a weekly basis.


Our Eco Council is led by Miss Brown. We meet regularly to discuss any issues that arise in school and to continue monitoring different initiatives. Check back on here to see what our councillors get up to.

Farnborough Grange Sports Leaders

At Farnborough Grange we recognise the importance of keeping active, not just in PE lessons, but throughout the day. We know that exercise and hobbies help with our physical health and mental wellbeing, as well as having an impact on our ability to learn!


Our Sports Leaders take an active role in helping within PE lessons, as well as taking a lead at Playtimes. Some of their responsibilities include getting out equipment at playtimes and teaching other children how to use it and play games collaboratively. 


Mrs Cave meets with the Sports Leaders to discuss their roles and gain feedback on how our vision to be an active and healthy school is going.