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Reading at Farnborough Grange

Promoting a Love of Reading


At Farnborough Grange, reading is at the heart of our curriculum. We recognise the importance of developing a love of reading within our children and the benefits that it has on their progress across the curriculum. As a staff team, we are constantly seeking ways innovative ways that promote a love of reading.

Supporting Reading at Home


Here at Farnborough Grange, reading is at the heart of all learning opportunities provided for your children. Reading gives children the opportunity to immerse themselves in different texts, whether they prefer a fictional story, information texts or comic strips. In school, we read with all children, both in groups and on a 1:1 level, on a regular basis. However, it is absolutely crucial that children are able to practise learnt reading skills on a daily basis and so a great reading partnership between home and school is invaluable.


On our school Facebook page, you will find a 'Top Tips for Reading at Home' video to support you when listening to your children read. We hope that these tips will help you to encourage and support regular reading at home, not just during this time but throughout your children's school lives and beyond. Reading can offer comfort, relaxation and a sense of awe & wonder as children immerse themselves in different texts. Reading together with your children also provides opportunities for communication and increases confidence in other curriculum areas such as writing, speaking and listening.


When reading with your children, discussing the text through questioning is just as important as accurate word reading. Below are examples of questions that you can ask your children during reading to develop their comprehension skills.

Story Time Assemblies

We are very excited to have started our new weekly 'Story Time Assemblies', a time when all children come together to listen to different stories. The assemblies are led by a different member of staff each week who shares their favourite story with the children. We will add each story of the week on here so that you can re-read & listen to these together at home!


Author Days

Across the school, we hold half termly author days where we immerse children in a range of texts by some of our best loved authors. Children are given the opportunity to focus in on texts within class and they take part in exciting learning activities. We also hold whole school shared reads where children can choose which text they would like to listen to. One of their favourite things is reading in weird and wonderful places around the school, such as the staff room and the office!





Which authors have we loved so far?

  • Roald Dahl
  • Mick Inkpen
  • Michael Rosen



Book Recommendations

Each week, our librarians recommend a book they have enjoyed for the rest of our children to read. Our aim is for these book recommendations to expand our children's reading diet and to introduce them to new high quality texts. Check back here each week for our librarians' recommendations!

Our School Library

We have developed our library into an inviting place for children to listen to and share stories. Each class has dedicated library slots where the children are given the opportunity to choose books to take home, developing their interests and promoting a love of reading.This is key in offering children the opportunity to engage in texts that may be beyond their independent reading level. We also share whole class story times and the children enjoy listening to new texts.

Each Key Stage 1 class has two librarians who help with the running of our library. They are able to scan out books for their peers and make weekly recommendations on books that they have enjoyed.

We offer a Library Club which runs every Tuesday which children and their families are invited to attend. This session offers children the opportunity to listen to stories, play phonics games and use story sacks to develop their storytelling skills. This is also an extra opportunity for children to swap their library books.

Reading Corners

All classes have a dedicated reading corner and teachers ensure that books are rotated on a regular basis. We provide a range of reading materials for the children to access such as magazines, newspapers, stories and non-fiction texts. Where possible, we aim for our reading corners to reflect our learning enquiries so that our children are immersed in a range of high quality texts linked to their current learning.

Reading Challenges

Reception and Key Stage 1 children are encouraged to take part in termly challenges that promote a love of reading at home. These challenges offer the children exciting ways to read and immerse themselves in books with their families and their successes are celebrated in school. Our challenges so far have included '9 places to read' and '9 weeks, 9 authors'.

Story Times

Children are provided with daily story times within class, immersing them in a variety of high quality texts. Children are given the opportunity to vote for the text that they would like to listen to and teachers will take the opportunity to read with the children in different places around the school.

Home-School Reading Books

All children take home a reading book of their choice, within their appropriate colour band, that they can share with their families. Children are able to choose these texts to ensure that they are reading things which interest them. Within school, children are given regular opportunities to read 1:1 with an adult as well as in group reading sessions.

Together, we grow our love for learning.