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In Red Class, your teacher will be Miss Joy and your learning support assistant will be Miss Emerton. We are looking forward to an exciting year with lots of new learning opportunities for your child. Please discuss your child's learning with them at home, as we are sure they will be keen to do so.


Please check on here for Red Class news, important information and details of what we have been up to in class.



We had a fantastic day at Legoland! We behaved so well and our grown ups were so proud of us. Some of our highlights from the day included seeing sharks and sting rays when we went in the submarine and watching the Pirate show at lunchtime! We had lots of fun. Take a look at our photos.

Recycling Lorry


On Tuesday, a recycling lorry was brought into school so that we could learn what it means to recycle. We now know that we can recycle plastic bottles, newspapers, cardboard boxes and lots of other things. This helps our planet as we can use things more than once to stop wasting things.


It was great fun seeing the recycling lorry. We went in the front of the lorry to pretend to steer and three people were allowed to beep the horn!


At the back of the recycling lorry, we saw the men put the bins on the back and the recycling was tipped into the machine. It was very noisy and some of us covered our ears!

What Lies on the Other Side?


Our topic for this final half term is 'Out of the Window'. In Literacy, we have started to learn about our new core book 'What Lies on the Other Side?'. We have been exploring the setting and characters in this story using the front cover to answer the key questions 'Who?' and 'Where?'.


To help us to understand the type of setting that the story has, we went on a walk around our school grounds searching for objects that we might find in a woodland or forest. We collected lots of things such as twigs, leaves, bark, daisies and grass. We then used these to create our own 'collage' setting picture, using the front cover as our inspiration.


We then created our own characters to go on our setting pictures. We know that fox and raccoon are characters in the story and we also discussed what other characters there might be. This helped us with our learning about habitats and the types of animals that live in woodland areas.


We had such a lot of fun and are very proud of our learning!

Local walk about


In Geography, we have been learning all about buildings and the different types that there are. We enjoyed walking around locally to see what types of buildings we could find. This linked to our maths learning as we had to tally every time we saw the different buildings. Some of the buildings we spotted included houses with chimneys, shops, a pub and the local football club!


As we were walking, we were thinking about how to keep ourselves safe on the roads. We looked left and right, listened carefully and crossed in waves. We were all really sensible and everyone was safe.


After our learning walk, we even got to run around in the field and play some games. We had such a fun afternoon!

Fire Safety


On Monday 22nd May, we had a local fire service visit us at school to teach us how to keep ourselves safe in fires. We now know that we should 'get out, stay out and call 999'. Our favourite part was seeing the kit that a fireman has to wear. What heavy boots they have!

Fire Safety Activities

Road Safety


We have been learning about road safety and how we can keep ourselves safe when we are out and about. We now know that there are special crossings we can use, we must stop, look and listen and we must always cross with a grown up.


On Friday, we had 'Day Glow Day' and dressed up in bright clothes to show what we should wear when crossing the road. We learnt what lollipop men and ladies do to help us and we had a go at making our own lollipop signs. What a lot of fun we had!

Making Lollipop Signs

SATs Week


The children worked extremely hard at their SATs booklets last week and we had lots of fun doing other things outside.


We enjoyed making natural sculptures after we had learned about Andy Goldsworthy and his work. We used chalks to draw pictures on the playground, including making our own roads and roundabouts. We used spades and rakes to dig holes which was hard work and we had to help each other to do this! We also found natural objects and rubbed over them using oil pastels to see what shapes and patterns they made.

May Day Dancing


On Tuesday 2nd May, we had lots of fun celebrating May Day by learning some different dances. We learnt to dance around the May Pole, using the ribbons to skip and twist them around the pole. We also went in a circle with flower garlands and made a Secret Garden. We used bells to make bridges for children to travel under. What a great time we had!

May Day Celebrations

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch


We read the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch and had to solve the problem of how to get his lunch across the water. We have been learning to make boats and sandwiches to see if the boat would get our sandwich across safely without getting it wet. We tried to make our boats waterproof and we also tested whether our materials would float or sink.


On Thursday 16th March, we had great fun testing our boats and eating our sandwiches!



In maths, we have started to learn our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. To help us with this, we used a Noah's Ark problem to count in these steps. We also learnt to write repeated addition and multiplication number sentences to show the total.


We have been looking at arrays which can help us to solve multiplication problems. This is a way of arranging objects to show 'lots of'. Chocolate bars, egg boxes, baking trays and lots of other things are arranged in arrays. There are probably lots of arrays in your house... See how many you can find!

Multiplication Problem Solvers

Trip to Basing House


On Wednesday 8th March, we went on a trip to Basing House. We were learning about animals and their different habitats and we had the chance to explore the ruins of Basing House. On our way round, we heard lots of different birds, saw wiggly worms and lots of rabbit holes. One group were even lucky enough to spot a rabbit! We had lots of fun and all came back very tired.

Basing House Trip

Making Jam Sandwiches


In Literacy, we have been reading 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch'. In the story, Mrs Grinling made him sandwiches for lunch so we had a go at making jam sandwiches. We had to give our partner clear instructions to follow to make the sandwich correctly and then we were allowed to eat them. Yummy!

Christmas is coming...


In Red Class, we have been getting into the Christmas spirit with lots of fun activities. Keep checking this page for photos to show what we have been getting up to.


We had a go at making paper chain Christmas trees. We found it tricky but were very proud of ourselves when we had finished them! They are now hanging by the window as Christmas decorations.


Thank you for coming to our Christmas performance 'Shine Star Shine'. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


We had lots of fun making our own Christmas hats for our Christmas lunch. We chose our own colours and we put different Christmas decorations around our hats. Look at the photos to see our fabulous hats!


In Literacy, we have been learning to write descriptions of the setting in the Polar Express. We dressed up in our pyjamas because we watched the Polar Express and we drank hot chocolate like they have in the story.


We had lots of fun making our Santa plates! We used white cotton wool balls, red pom poms and a paper Santa hat.


On Thursday, we all enjoyed a really exciting Christmas party :) we played lots of party games, ate some party food and sang some Christmas songs. It was really fun!

Christmas Party

Making Santa Plates

Polar Express & Pyjama Afternoon

Shine Star Shine

Paper Chain Christmas Trees

Human and Physical Features


As part of our Geography topic this term, we have been exploring our school grounds to find different human and physical features. We have learnt that human features are things that are made and physical features are things that are natural. We enjoyed going on a hunt around the school to find different features within our ground, discussing them and thinking about how our school has changed over time.


Back inside the classroom, we learnt about what a bird's eye view is and we had a go at drawing our own bird's eye view map of our classroom. We really had to persevere and look carefully at the different things in our classroom.


See below for some photos of our outside learning walk.

School Grounds Learning Walk

Aldershot Military Museum


On Friday 25th November, we went on a trip to the Military Museum in Aldershot to learn about how we remember people who have died in wars. We enjoyed listening to the story of 'Badger's Parting Gifts' which helped us to understand how we can still have memories of people and we talked about what Badger left for his friends.


When we were at the museum, we had lots of fun taking part in different activities including making wreaths out of paper leaves and listening to different pieces of music.


See below for some pictures of us at the museum.

Aldershot Military Museum Trip

Sleeping Beauty


For our book week this year, we learnt all about the story of Sleeping Beauty. We were very excited to have a pantomime come in and perform the story to us which we really enjoyed! In class, we had fun getting into role as some of the characters from Sleeping Beauty and we also worked in groups to retell the story ourselves.


See below for some pictures of us enjoying learning about Sleeping Beauty.

Sleeping Beauty

Bonfire Night


We had lots of fun learning about the Gunpowder Plot. We found out some facts about who Guy Fawkes was and what he planned to do to King James who was King of England.


We also found out that Bonfire Night is celebrated because Guy Fawkes' plan didn't work. We now know that people put a model of Guy Fawkes on the bonfire and let off fireworks.


Have a look at the bonfires we made outside using sticks, leaves and grass and the firework pictures we made using brightly coloured paints and glitter. We really enjoyed ourselves!

Red Class building Bonfires

Red Class making Firework Pictures

Together, we grow our love for learning.