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Science Week

Karen Tinson – Science Week in Nursery Spring 2017

Nursery children have been taking part in different investigations to explore the behaviours of different materials.

What floats? What sinks?


We investigated what floats and what sinks using a range of objects: feathers, corks, stones, fir cones, toy boats, shells and mermaids.


Making sensory bottles.

We then went on to made sensory bottles with things floating in them: buttons, glitter, pom-poms, feathers, beads, small play figures. Some of the bottles had liquids added to them water, oil, syrup etc.


Shake it up and see what happens?

The children were then given lots of opportunities to investigate how the floating objects moved inside the bottles. They shook them and watched the objects move up and down. They talked about how the different things moved in the liquids during group time.

Runny Corn flour

We had some messy fun by adding water to corn flour in a builder’s tray. We encouraged the children to explore the corn flour by using their fingers and tools to scape it up and let it go. They noticed that the corn flour sets hard but turns runny when you scape it. You can use tools to make marks in the hard corn flour. You can turn it from white to other colours by adding food colouring.

The Characteristics of effective learning – thrill, will, and skill

These investigations have met the requirements of effective learning:

  • The children had the chance to engage and find out through exploring.

  • They were highly motivated concentrating and persisting.

  • They had the chance to think critically – making links and predicting.

But most of all they had fun!

Together, we grow our love for learning.