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Sensory Play Ideas


Bubble wrap: Can the child use their hands to pop the bubbles? Lay the wrap on the floor. Can they use their feet? Wrap the child’s hands or feet and introduce paint and paper to create fun bright paintings.


Shredded paper: The shredded paper can be placed in a large container such as an empty box. Objects can be hidden amongst the paper for the child to find.


Corn flour Gloop: Pour a cup of corn flour into a bowl or tray and gradually add water until you have a gloopy mixture. You could also add a few drops of food colouring. Encourage the child to mix it with their fingers. Notice that a firm mixture can turn runny in warm little hands!

Shaving foam: Use a non-scented shaving foam. Spray into a container like a tray or directly onto a table. You could also use squirty cream if the child is likely to put their hands in their mouth.


Paper Mache: Use this technique to make something such as an animal, bowl or balloon. Children enjoy ripping up the newspaper and using hands to dip it into the paste and moulding into a model. The paste is a mixture of flour and water.


Rainbow spaghetti: Colour batches of cooked spaghetti with different food colourings. Play in a large bowl or tray. Noodles can also be used.

Oats or Rice: Place uncooked in a bowl or tray. Children like to use teaspoons to fill a variety of small containers such as small boxes, small plastic bottles or lids. Or just let it run through their fingers.


DIY Sensory bottles: Collect empty clean plastic bottles. Part fill with items such as rice, sequins, beads, pompoms etc. Some can contain items floating in coloured water, or a mixture of water and vegetable oil. Superglue the lids on and do not allow child to play unattended. Painting without brushes: Use different objects to paint with. You could use sticks, leaves, sponge, kitchen utensils etc.


Smelly Paint: Make paint using chocolate powder, gravy, spices, coffee, cheese sauce etc. Can the child guess the smell? Texture exploration: Collect together in a basket or shoebox a range of different textures for the child to explore and experience. You could use fabrics, faux fur, suede, leather, netting, fine or course sand paper, hessian, lace etc.

Together, we grow our love for learning.