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Spring 2 2018


It has been another busy but very exciting half term in Reception!

Our topic Beginnings started with the arrival of some chicken eggs. The children observed the eggs being kept warm in an incubator and continued to observe the eggs until they all hatched! The children were so excited and made comments like...

 " they are all so cute and fluffy"      "they are so tiny and lovely"    "they are all very yellow!."   

Once the chicks hatched, the fun didn't stop there... the chicks came to visit our class and all children had the chance to hold and stroke them, which all of them very bravely did! 









They learnt all about the life cycle of chicken and had a go at writing their very own life cycle information page. Outside, children used natural resources available to create nests for the chicks to keep warm. They worked together to decide how best to join sticks, twigs and leaves to create a cosy bed!

Together, we grow our love for learning.