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Spring 2



Our topic for this half term is 'Beginnings'. We have some stick insect eggs that will soon be hatching and we are very excited to learn more about them! We will be researching key facts about sticks insects, such as what they eat and where they live, and we will learn to write a fact file. In Science, we will continue to learn about different habitats and we will also think about animals that have offspring that grow into adults. We are also lucky enough to have 'Living Eggs' in school and we will be learning about how baby chicks hatch from eggs and then grow into adults. In Music, we will begin to learn how to play the recorder, including how to read some notes and how to hold a recorder correctly.

Easter Celebrations


We have been learning about the Easter Story and talking about the beliefs of Christians. We learnt about what Jesus did and how Easter is still celebrated today. We enjoyed trying hot cross buns whilst watching a cartoon version of the Easter Story.

The most popular Easter Egg in Red Class!


Miss Joy asked us to find out which was the most popular Easter egg in our class so we had to work together to find this out! We voted for our favourite egg using chocolate egg pictures to represent our vote on a pictogram. We then created our own pictograms in our maths book. Can you see which one was the most popular?

Class Assembly


On Friday 23rd March, we performed a short play 'I Love You, Stick Insect' to our friends and families. Thank you to those of you who were able to join us and for those of you who couldn't make it, below is a selection of the photos taken throughout the assembly to give you a taster. We were very proud of all of the children, who worked so hard to learn and remember their parts.

Sports Relief Mile


On Friday 23rd March, we all took part in the Sports Relief Mile to raise money for those who are less fortunate than us. We wore our own clothes to school and had to walk, run, skip or jog 5 times around the school to complete a mile. Some of us even managed more than 5! Have a look at our photos below.

Easter Nests


We found out that there is a competition to make the most delicious Easter Nest cake! We had to follow a recipe to make our own and next, we will write a set of instructions that someone else can follow to make them. We also did a taste test, thinking about the taste, texture & appearance of our cakes so that we can describe it! It was super fun and we loved eating our delicious goodies! Take a look!

Fair Trade Fortnight


We have been learning what 'Fair Trade' means and thinking about different food & products in our supermarket. We had a look at the Fair Trade logo to see which food & products are Fair Trade and we discussed why this is so important. Our favourite part of Fair Trade Fortnight was making banana & chocolate muffins using Fair Trade bananas. They were delicious!

What can you do in a minute?


In Maths, we are beginning to learn more about telling the time. We had different activities to complete at our tables and we had to see which ones we could complete in a minute and which ones took longer than a minute. Some of the activities included reading a whole book from the beginning to the end and taking our shoes off then putting them back on. Look at us star jumping for a whole minute - this was hard work and we got tired very quickly!

Buddy's Work Out


On Thursday 8th March, we took part in Buddy's Work Out. We tried lots of activities to raise money for the NSPCC Charity. We had lots of fun and did lots of exercise! Take a look at our photos.

The Giant Sing


Year 2 had a great time at the Giant Sing which took place at the Anvil in Basingstoke. We had been busy learning lots of songs about Barnaby Bear going into Space and it was lots of fun singing the songs together with other schools from all over Hampshire and watching the performance of Barnaby Bear on stage. Have a look at our photos. Perhaps we could even sing some songs for you at home!

Farm Visit


On Monday 5th March, we enjoyed having a farm come to visit our school. We liked looking at the different animals and we were given the chance to stroke and brush some of them. Farmer Sarah and Farmer Holly answered lots of our questions about the animals and we were even able to find out how to make cheese and butter, using some of the cow's milk! Have a look at our photos below.

Snow Afternoon!


We were so excited about the snow on Tuesday afternoon so we all went outside to enjoy it. We had lots of fun building snowmen and playing with the snow! Look at how wrapped up we all were!

Living Eggs


On Monday 19th February, 10 eggs were delivered to our school in an incubator. Over the next few days, we hope to see the chicks hatch out of their eggs. We are very excited to learn more about them, but mostly to hold them when they are big enough!


Children from Red Class & Orange Class will be helpers and will have the responsibility of cleaning the chicks out every day, checking they have food and water and making sure they are healthy and happy.


Check on here for updates over the next 2 weeks to see how they are getting on.

The chicks have hatched!


During the night of Wednesday 21st February, we were very excited to find that the 10 chicks had hatched! We have 3 girls (the darker brown chicks) and 7 boys (the lighter yellow chicks). All of them seem healthy and they are chirping away in their new home for the next week!


Have a look at our photos.

Stick Insects


In Year 2, we are very excited as we have some stick insect eggs and we are very eagerly waiting for them to hatch. Keep checking on here for updates!

As part of our learning about stick insects, we have been learning how to research. We used iPads, computers and fact files to find out some really interesting facts. We will then use these facts to write our own fact files.
Please have a look at this overview for ideas on how to support your child's learning at home.
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