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Spring 2015

Music in Year One!

We have been exploring percussion instruments this half term and have linked this to our topic about Toys.  Mrs. Lyddon showed us some different toys and we thought carefully about the sounds our instrument makes.  We then had to decide which instrument would play for each toy!  It was tricky but we made some good musical decisions.  We were able to play our instruments quietly, loudly, fast and slow.


We are musicians!


This was a very exciting visit!  We had a visit from Michael, who brought in different mini-beasts.  We held a giant snail,  a cockroach and a millipede.  We also looked at a tarantula!  Some of us wanted to just look at the animals, but some us held them and described what they felt like.  We had to be careful and treat them gently.  We found it quite tricky to be quiet!


It is Fair Trade Week and we had a yummy time making and eating fruit salad! 

We only used fair trade fruit, and helped Mrs. Lyddon, Miss Cartwright and Mrs. Martin chop, peel and segment the fruit. 

We sat together and shared our fruit salad meal, thinking about all the farmers who grew the fruit and were paid fairly.

We used bananas, pineapple, grapes, oranges and tangerines to make our salad.  We like the feel and smell of the fruit.  The pineapple felt prickly and spikey.  Most of us enjoyed the fruit salad so much, we had seconds and thirds!

On Wednesday 4th March we had a visit from Billingsgate Fish Market.  We made mackerel pate and tasted prawns before really exploring the different types of fish.  They were smelly, slimy, squidgy, smooth and fascinating!  We loved the whole fishy experience!

It was World Book Day on Thursday 5th March and we all had fun dressing up as our favourite book character!  We had a special assembly where we were able to parade with our class and show off our costumes.

Together, we grow our love for learning.