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Spring 2016

Wow, the time has passed so quickly and we are nearly in March already!

Last half term we explored Our Community and Our School.  We went on nature walks to map the grounds, wrote a letter to our postman and went on our school trip to Windsor.  We were very lucky to have been able to see The Changing of the Guard; we watched the soldiers march to the band and listened as they played some amazing music.  We also had a very interesting talk about life in the Castle back in the “olden times” and some of us got to dress up and pretend we were princesses or knights, it was so much fun!




This half term has started off with an adventure into the woods! Word had got around that something had been flying over the school grounds during the school holiday so we went to investigate and found a huge egg in a nest. We have been watching and waiting to see what happens …


Together, we grow our love for learning.