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Spring 2017

Easter Activities

Hats for the Easter parade
Easter biscuits made at the end of the Easter hunt

We have been recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes. The children went on a 3D shape hunt around the school grounds.

A cylinder
A sphere
A cylinder
"I've made a car park using cuboids"
Naming shapes as they are used
"I'm making a cube"

On Red Nose Day the children dressed in Mufti clothes and brought in £1 for a Red nose. We talked about why money was being raised, designed noses and danced to the Red Nose day song!



Our core book for the first part of the Spring term is “Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs”.

By Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds.

When Harry helps Nan to clear out the attic he makes a wonderful discovery-DONOSAURS! They go everywhere with him in his bucket. Then one day his beloved dinosaurs get lost! How will Harry prove, to the lost property man, that they are really his?

The children enjoyed doing a variety of activities around this book but particularly enjoyed painting dinosaurs and learning dinosaur names!

Together, we grow our love for learning.