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Summer 1



Our topic for this half term is ‘Opposites’. We will be thinking about our homes today and comparing them to homes in the past. Our visit to Milestones Museum on Friday 20th April will help us to learn more about this. We will also be reading ‘The Queen’s Hat’ and we will be celebrating the Royal Wedding. This will include finding out who the Royal Family are and how the Royal Family’s way of life has changed over time. We will read the story of 'The Town & The Country Mouse' and compare the two different places. In Art, we will use different drawing techniques and materials to create scenes of the country and town. In Geography, we will continue to learn about the weather and consider how it changes from day to day. In Music, we will continue to learn to play the recorders.

Road Safety


We had great fun dressing up in brightly coloured clothes to think about how to keep ourselves safe when out and about on the roads. For Day Glo Day, we were given the challenge of making brightly coloured road signs to help drivers to see what to do. Thank you to those families who were able to join us to help with our learning. Have a look at our photos!

We also enjoyed working in teams to make road safety posters, completing word searches and playing road safety games on the computers.

Wedding Celebrations!


To continue with the theme of weddings, Miss Joy is getting married on Sunday! To celebrate this, she brought us in some of her wedding cupcakes so that we could have a little taste... they were delicious! We had a lovely afternoon playing party games and spending time together. Have a look at some of our favourite photos!

Traffic Survey


To think a little more about Walk to School Week and Road Safety, we went out on a walk around the local area and took part in a traffic survey. We had a look at the different vehicles that passed, including which vehicles were the most and least frequent. It was a lovely day with bright sunshine and we enjoyed getting out and about!

The Wedding Dress Challenge


We worked in teams across year 2 to design and make wedding dresses. There was a catch... We could only use toilet roll and masking tape! We had a great time and really persevered. Which dress is your favourite?

The Royal Wedding


We had great fun learning about the Royal Wedding. We found out who the Royal Family are and created a family tree. We also made our own crowns and tiaras to wear to our Royal Buffet Lunch.

Fire Service Visit


On Tuesday 8th May, we enjoyed having a special visit to our school from the Fire Service. The two firemen that visited helped us to learn lots of things about fire safety, including when to test smoke alarms and what to do in an emergency. We learnt the rhyme 'Get Out, Stay Out, Call 999' and now know what to do. Perhaps you could quiz us at home and see how much we learnt!

Asian Day of Dancing


We loved learning some Asian dance moves and watching some traditional Asian dancing. We especially liked the bells that we wore on our ankles and it was great fun learning the different dance routines!

May Day Dancing


We had a brilliant time learning some traditional May Day dances, using different props that would be used. Our favourite dance that we learnt was the 'Secret Garden' dance. Have a look at our photos - we had such fun!

A Victorian Visitor


We were so excited when we came back from the hall to discover some very 'old-looking' objects in our classroom, and it was even more exciting when a visitor from the Victorian times found her way to Red Class! These objects were from her home and she showed us what they were used for. We were able to compare them to objects that we would find in our homes. We especially liked the iron and the warming bed pan. Take a look! Can you work out what they all are?

Homes Today & in the Victorian Times


We have started to think about how our homes today have changed from those that were built in Victorian Times. We enjoyed taking a walk around the local area to look at the houses, thinking about their colours and features. We even learnt the difference between terraced, detached and semi-detached! Take a look.

St George's Day


On 23rd April, we learnt all about St George's Day and why it is celebrated in England. We had fun acting out the story of St George slaying the Dragon and we then designed our own dragons. We now know that some children also celebrate St George's Day at Guides or Scouts with a parade to the nearest church. Take a look at our re-enactment!

Milestones Museum


We had a brilliant time at Milestones Living History Museum. We really enjoyed looking at objects from different time periods and looking at the old streets and buildings. Our favourite part was dressing up in Victorian clothes and sitting in some of the transport vehicles! Take a look at our photos.

The Town & the Countryside


We have been learning to identify and describe the differences between town living and countryside living. We used oil pastels to create our own countryside pictures, thinking about different techniques and the colours of the countryside.


Check back on here to see our town pictures soon!

The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse


We really enjoyed watching a puppet show version of 'The Town Mouse & the Country Mouse'. We thought it was really funny and there were lots of parts that made us laugh!

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