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Summer 2

On the Move


As we move into the final term of Year 2, our topic is 'On the Move'. We will be celebrating the local 'Farnborough Air Show' and with this, learning about Samuel Cody and the history of flight. In June, we will be learning about different countries competing in the World Cup and we will have lots of opportunities to consider how to work well in teams. In Science, we will learn what plants need to grow and how different conditions can affect plants. We will also learn about food chains and that some animals eat plants, whilst some animals eat other animals.

Leaver's Service


Please enjoy listening to some of the songs that we have learnt for our Year 2 Leaver's Service. Thank you for a great year and have a wonderful summer!

Our Year 2 Leaver's Song

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Part 2

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On Wednesday 18th July, we went on an exciting trip to Kidzania in London to learn all about earning and spending money. We got the chance to try lots of adult jobs including window cleaning, being a paramedic and playing on the drums in the music studio. We had such a fun day and we got to spend our earnt Kidzos in the shop at the end of the day. Have a look at some of our favourite photos!

Prayer Stations


We have been learning what 'The God's Prayer' is and we took part in some different activities to explore what each part of the prayer means.



On Thursday 28th June, we went to Legoland for our end of year trip. It was a really hot day so we had to remember our sun cream, sun hats and to drink plenty of water. We had such a fun time and were so well behaved! Have a look at some of our favourite photos.

Football World Cup


World Cup Fever has come to Red Class and we have been enjoying learning all about the World Cup and the countries that are taking part! We have even been able to watch some of the highlights from the matches so far!


In the big draw, we pulled out Peru, Tunisia, Morocco and Panama. We started off by locating our four countries on a world map and we learnt what their flags look like.


We also did the '2018 World Cup Flag Quiz' and scored 25/32. How many flags do you know? Why don't you test each other at home?

Food Tasting


We have been learning lots of facts about Panama, including food that grows there. We found out that lots of tropical fruit grows in Panama including watermelon, passion fruit and pineapple. We were able to taste each of these fruits and we came up with different adjectives to describe the look, taste and texture. The passion fruit was really sour! Which one do you think was our favourite?

Football Skills


In PE, to link to our learning on the World Cup, we have been learning some football skills and taking part in matches. We have been learning how to pass, dribble and shoot but most importantly, we have been learning how to work together as a team. Maybe we could practise these skills at home with you!

Child Safety Event


We had a great time at the Mayfield Community Centre learning lots of different ways to keep ourselves safe. This included thinking about sun safety, fire safety and ways to keep ourselves safe at home. Have a look at some of the activities we took part in!

What do plants need to grow?


In Science. we have been learning about what plants need to grow. We have planted five different seeds and we are going to put them in different places with different things to see if they grow. I wonder which one will grow the best. Keep checking on here to see their progress!

Which way shall I go?


In maths, we have been learning to use words to describe position and direction. We went outside and worked in pairs. One of us was blindfolded and our partner had to guide us through a maze and across the playground using words such as 'forwards', 'turn', 'left' and 'right'. We had a lot of fun and are getting really good at remembering the different words!

Natural Woodland Collages


In Literacy, our core book is 'What Lies on the Other Side?' and we have been using this to think about the characters and the setting. We went around the school grounds to look at our own woodland and to collect natural objects. We then used these to create a collage, with a pastel background, to show the story setting. Have a look!

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