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Summer 2016

The Summer Term in Orange Class has been super busy but really fun!

We had our trip to Legoland and had a fantastic time; we rode the Hill Train, watched a show about The Three Little Pigs, and rode the amazing underwater ride called Atlantis where we could see real live sharks.  After lunch we had our lego workshop where we found out all about forces and raced our cars.

“One of my funniest moments this year was Joel’s face as he rode on the Scarab Bouncer ride”  Bebo


“I liked the playpark because it was really fun especially the big slide.” Riley


“I really liked riding in the underwater submarine because you could see all of the lego fish under the water.” Tommy

We were very lucky to have two days of dance; on the first day we learnt how to dance around a Maypole and used sticks and bells to help us keep in time with the accordion music and on the second we learnt how to dance to Indian music.  We had lots of laughs as well using our brains to remember some complicated dance moves J


“I liked the Maypole dancing as we got to go around the maypole and spin around using ribbons.”   Sambou


“I liked making a tunnel and dancing under it when we were maypole dancing.”


I enjoyed the Indian dancing when we had to bang sticks with our partners”  Enes

We were very excited to receive a letter from the Queen asking us to bake her a birthday cake because all of the cakes she had tried before tasted horrible.


We rose to the challenge and we decided to make her some cupcakes.  We took it in turns to; whisk, pour, combine, crack, stir, mix , bake and finally decorate. They were delicious!



In science this term we have learnt all about different types of animals and what they like to eat. We discovered that meat eaters are called carnivores, vegetable eaters are called herbivores and animals that eat both (including humans) are omnivores.


On our Mad Science Day we learnt how to keep things warm and experimented with different types of insulating materials. We put mentos into fizzy pop bottle and watched it erupt like a volcano. We played around with the magic snow and watched it transform from a fine white powder into a sticky gooey mess.


We have thoroughly enjoyed this term and are looking forward to going to junior school as well as spending time thinking about all the cool, fun things we learnt and enjoyed this year.
Together, we grow our love for learning.