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The alien rocket crash!

On Monday the 4th of June, we were all sitting on the carpet ready to start our literacy lesson, when suddenly we heard a loud bang! We didn't know what it was, so we went outside to explore. We walked towards the wooded area and found a crashed rocket! 

On Tuesday, we received a letter from the Daily News asking us to write a newspaper article for them about what had happened and what we had seen. 


Here are a few of our newspaper articles:

On Wednesday, we received a message from Ugg the alien. He told us that his rocket had run out of fuel when he was flying back to his own planet and that was what made him crash. All week, in our maths lessons, we tried to help Ugg fix his rocket by measuring how many cups of water different sized containers could hold. We did this to help us find out which one would be the best to fill up Ugg's rocket. We also used the skills that we had learnt throughout the week to make our own space playdough, following a set of instructions. 

Traditional Folk Dancing

On the 2nd and 3rd of May, we learnt two different types of dance: Tradition Folk Dance and Asian Dance. We had lots of fun dancing around the Maypole and using sticks and ankle bells within our dances. At the end of the day, we performed to the whole school and they loved seeing what we had learnt.

Asian Dancing

Together, we grow our love for learning.