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This week in Year 1, we have been using number lines in maths to support us with missing number problems. We have been working out which two numbers we can add together to find a total and which number is missing in a number sentence. We also had a visit from Queen Victoria! We used our magic to make Queen Victoria come to our school so we could ask her all of our questions. We found out so much about her life as a Queen, as well as her family life. We then made a fact file and shared what we had learnt with the rest of the class. It was fascinating finding out about what life was like during Victorian times compared to how we live now. We also celebrated Miss Ferguson’s wedding! We had an assembly to say congratulations and made her a bouquet. We have had a great week in Year 1, look at some of the things we have been up to this week!

This week in Year 1, we have been focusing on Fathers' Day and Your Special Person Day. We have been thinking about who the special people in our lives our and why they are special to us. We made a card for our special person and wrote a lovely message inside for them. We then had a craft morning and decorated the front of the card to give to our special person. We have really enjoyed thinking about the reasons we chose these special people and hope they love the card we have made for them!

This week in Year 1, we have been learning about the Victorian times! We have learnt how long ago the Victorian times were and when they ended. We made a timeline using lollipop sticks so we could picture how long ago the Victorian times were compared to how old we are now! In maths, we have been learning how to represent numbers up to 100 using dienes. At the end of the week it was Odd Socks Day! We made some fantastic outfits made out of socks to support Friends of Farnborough Grange. 

Together, we grow our love for learning.