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What can we learn from the Great Fire of London?

What can we learn from the Great Fire of London?


This half term will focus on History where we will explore the events of the Great Fire of London. Using artefacts, stories and sources will help us to consider why people did things, why things happened and what happened as a result. In English, we will use our History knowledge to write a newspaper report and a diary entry in the style of Samuel Pepys before writing instructions about how to keep safe around fire.


In Science, we will explore materials including their uses and properties and we will use fair tests to compare materials. We will apply our knowledge of materials to make our own Tudor houses in D&T.

Please take a look at our half termly overview below to find out more about what we will be learning.

Now that we know the events of the Great Fire of London, we are applying our knowledge to write our own news report. We started off by exploring news reports and considering the features that are included. We then acted out the Great Fire of London, using the news report to help us.

Did you know that there was a great fire in 1666? It destroyed almost the whole city of London and many people lost their homes. This led us to think about what went wrong and what the people in London did to try and save themselves and their belongings. We acted out different scenarios, thinking about what we would do today and how we would act differently.

Through careful investigation, we found out that the paintings and drawings were of the city of London from 1666! This is 355 years ago so we have been using words & phrases such as 'in the past', 'long ago' and 'then'. We worked in teams to look carefully at how London has changed since 1666 and what it is like today in 2021.

We finally opened the black box to reveal some very strange objects! Inside was a block of cheese, a bottle of "wine" and a bread roll. We also found some paintings and drawings. Perhaps you could talk at home about what these might be for!

On Monday, we were very excited to find scavenger hunt clues starting in our classroom! We worked as a whole class to follow the clues and they led us to this strange black box in the woodlands. We wonder what could be inside...

In Maths, we have been learning to identify equal and unequal groups. This has helped us to link our division learning to fractions. Can you see how many equal and unequal groups we have made?

Together, we grow our love for learning.