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Summer 1 - School Closure

What can we learn from the Great Fire of London?

This half term, our learning will be focused all around the Great Fire of London and what we can learn from this national disaster that took place in 1666. In History, we will learn the key events that led up to the fire, including why & how it spread so quickly, and we will learn to use a timeline to place events in chronological order. There are key videos that will help us to explore what life was like during this time and we will use these to also consider how houses have changed since Tudor times in London. In D&T, we will create our very own Tudor houses, considering the size, shapes and structure of the buildings. In Science, we will investigate different materials and their properties, including why the fire spread so quickly. Our English learning will focus around the diary entries of Samuel Pepys and how they give us a clear understanding of what it must have been like to live through this disaster.


Please use the document below to get you started on how to start this learning journey at home.

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