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What does it mean to be healthy?

What does it mean to be healthy?


This half term, we are thinking about what it means to be healthy. We will learn to describe what makes a food healthy or unhealthy and we will identify which food groups different items belong to. We will read the story 'The Disgusting Sandwich' and change a key element to make the story our own. We will also consider other ways to keep ourselves healthy, including washing our hands and exercising. We will also read the story 'The World Came to My Place Today' and we will learn how to plant and grow different vegetables. We will also explore which fruits and vegetables can grow in our country, and why some can't.


To prepare for our great work, we will learn how to design and make a healthy pizza, using all of our learning to make our pizzas the best they can be! Our families will be invited in to share our pizzas, and hopefully enjoy our healthy topping choices! Please look out for the date.

Our Great Work


This week, we have brought all of our learning together and made healthy pizzas in a hygienic way! Some of our toppings included pepper, onion & sweetcorn. We loved following instructions to make our pizzas and were thrilled to be able to eat them afterwards! 


It was lovely to see so many of you at our great work on Friday 18th October. We hope you loved our pizzas as much as we did!

Highlight of the Week - 14.10.19


Our highlight so far this week has been learning about algorithms in ICT. We started off by exploring what algorithms are and were given the task of making a jam sandwich by giving our partner clear instructions. Some of the verbs & adverbs we used included cut, spread, smear, eat, slowly & carefully. We especially enjoyed eating our sandwiches at the end!

Highlight of the Week - 07.10.19


This week, we have had a lovely week of learning and we have been exploring how Florence Nightingale changed hospitals to make them more hygienic.


However, our highlight of the week was definitely creating our Autumnal animal collages! We loved collecting leaves, twigs, acorns & other natural objects and arranging them to make animals. We loved making squirrels, hedgehogs, owls & more!

Squirrel Class Assembly - 03.10.19


What a treat we were given by Squirrels! They taught us all they know about keeping themselves healthy, including foods to eat and how to exercise. We loved the song that they sung at the end. Thank you to those of you who were able to come and support your children, it really does mean a lot to us all!

Highlight of the Week - 30.09.19


This week, our learning enquiry has got us asking questions about how we can be hygienic. We had great fun exploring how quickly germs can travel, using a thick glitter gel as our 'germ' - we were shocked to see that it spread to everyone in the class within 2 minutes!


We then started to think about healthcare and why hospitals & doctors surgeries need to be clean and hygienic. We went into the Oak Rooms to find a dirty hospital full of rats and filthy bandages! This got us thinking; How are hospitals today different to hospitals in the past? Check back next week to see what we find out...

Highlight of the Week - 23.09.19


Our highlight this week was completely off timetable! We were fascinated by the heavy rain on Friday afternoon and learnt some new words to describe the rain! We can use the words torrential, downpour, deluge and heavy rainfall to describe the weather! We also talked about why we have rainbows but we couldn't see one today...

Highlight of the Week - 16.09.19


What a brilliant week of learning we have had, exploring healthy and unhealthy food as part of our learning enquiry 'What does it mean to be healthy?'.


Our highlight this week was sketching cross-sections of different fruits and vegetables. We used lines and dots to create patterns of the flesh using sketching pencils and we then used pastels to represent the colour of the cross-sections! We are so proud of our finished artwork!

Highlight of the Week - 09.09.19


We have had the most fabulous start on our year two journey! We have learnt so much already this week, including settling into our new classes and making new friends.


Our highlight this week was when we found... A DISGUSTING SANDWICH! We used role play to retell the story and have enjoyed learning to write parts of the story in English.

Together, we grow our love for learning.