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What does it mean to be healthy?

What does it mean to be healthy?


This half term, we are thinking about what it means to be healthy. We will be learning to describe what makes a food healthy or unhealthy and we will design a balanced meal. We will read the story 'Pumpkin Soup' and learn how to make soup. We will be able to taste our soup and talk about what we like and dislike. We will consider other ways to keep ourselves healthy, including washing our hands and exercising. We will also read the story 'Oliver's Vegetables' and learn how to plant and grow different vegetables. We will also explore which fruits and vegetables can grow in our country, and why some can't.

What does an envelope need & how do we post a letter?


We have been imagining that we are soldiers in the Crimean War and we learnt to write letters home to our families about the conditions of the hospital. We learnt what needs to go on an envelope and then walked up to the post box to post our letters. Keep an eye out for when these are delivered home!

What was it like to be a soldier or nurse in Scutari Hospital?


We went down to the Oak Rooms to find that they were just like Scutari Hospital! There were dirty bandages, a bucket of disgusting gruel and filthy rats scurrying around the room. We put bandages on the wounded soldiers but don't think they did much good as they were too dirty! What a horrible place it must have been!

Where are Scutari Hospital & Crimea?


We worked together in teams to put a map of the world back together. We then learnt about different places on the map including finding our school. We investigated how far away Scutari and Crimea are and located them on our own maps.

What was it like at Scutari Hospital?


We found out that the bag belonged to Florence Nightingale, a famous nurse who helps to improve the hygiene and cleanliness of Scutari Hospital. We have been exploring what it was like inside Scutari Hospital, and how hospitals in the past were different to hospitals today. Look at how disgusting they were - so unhygienic!

Who does this belong to?


Mrs Lloyd was out in the skip when she found this strange bag that had been chucked in there. We opened the bag up and found all sorts of medical items. We think it might belong to a doctor! Check back on here to see what we have found out...

Tens & Units


In Maths, we have been learning how to split numbers into tens and units. We have used lots of resources to do this practically and have learnt how to draw tens and units to show a number. Check out our maths games area with loads of interactive games to practise this important skill!

Learning Tricky Words


In phonics, we have been learning to read and spell different tricky words. We use lots of fun games to help us remember the spelling patterns including word searches and rainbow writing. Have a look at our photos - perhaps you could try some of these games at home!

Vegetable Soup


After making Pumpkin Soup, we decided to try some vegetable soup instead. We used our learning around healthy food to come up with different vegetables to put into our soup and we really enjoyed making it. We then learnt how to write a set of instructions and now have our very own vegetable soup recipes!


Thank you to those families who were able to join us for our tasting afternoon, we hope you loved it as much as we did!

What is growing in our school grounds?


We went outdoors to find things that are growing. We found sunflowers, grapes, blackberries and lots of other plants!

Pumpkin Soup - The best we've ever tasted?


Our first week in Year 2 has been very exciting. We really enjoyed learning how to make pumpkin soup and the best part was tasting afterwards! Some of our words we used to describe the soup included smooth, creamy and salty. Have a look at us enjoying our soup!

Together, we grow our love for learning.