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Summer 2 - In Our Bubbles

Ahoy there pirates! Here's what Owl Bubble have been up to this week. 


If you haven't already guessed, we have been sailing the salty seas and exploring what it is like to be a pirate!

We have counted coins that were found in a treasure chest, designed our own ships and rafts, made our own pirate hats and telescopes, and we've even had to make wanted posters for some of the baddest pirates around! 

Some of us even had a go at walking the plank!


Enjoy looking at our photos. Aaarrrrrrr!

Rabbit Bubble - Week 6


We have had a pirate themed week in Rabbit bubble! We have been really busy learning lots about pirates; labeling pirate ships and Captain Blackbeard, and counting coins. We also designed and made our own pirate ships and tested to see if they floated! We also found a treasure chest in our classroom that Captain Blackbeard must have left behind! We turned into pirates for a day and made our own pirate hats, binoculars and telescopes.

Badger Bubble

This we we have been so busy!  We have been spending coins in a shop, making amounts in purses and adding two prices together and writing number sentences to go with our adding.  We have also been learning about which materials are magnetic!

Rabbit Bubble


This week in Rabbit bubble we have been learning all about clownfish! We discovered some amazing things and we are really proud of the work we have done! In maths, we have been learning how to use a number line to find out what one more is. We have also been learning about money; we set up our own shop and have been using coins to 'buy' things from the shop. We really enjoyed drawing Nemo with oil pastels! We also made nature faces, showing our feelings, using resources that we collected from the playground.









Owl Bubble


In Owl Bubble this week we have been learning all about clownfish! We have found out some amazing facts and we really enjoyed labelling a picture of a clownfish. Did you know Nemo is a clownfish? We drew Nemo using oil pastels and we are so proud of our work! We have had great fun using the water trays outside as well. We also set up big number lines in the classroom and played a game where we had to roll the dice and find out what one more is, it was so much fun!

Badger Bubble

This week we have been busy learning about sharks.  We have made moving split pin sharks, watched octonauts creature reports, sang 'Baby Shark' and written some amazing facts about sharks, we hope you like our writing!

Rabbit Bubble

We are so proud of how well the children in Rabbit Bubble have adapted over the last few weeks. Not only have they had to get used to a new teacher and classroom, but they have also had changes in the number of children attending. It has been lovely getting to know them and doing lots of fun activities and learning together.

Baby Shark do do do do

We have learnt so much about sharks this week. But you can’t learn about sharks without singing the ‘Baby Shark’ song! We cut out and made puppets for each character in the song.

Is the song stuck in your head yet?


Owl Bubble

We have been so impressed with how well the children have settled in. We have spent time getting to know the children, and giving them time to get to know us and become part of the team in 'Owl Bubble'. Our main priority is making sure the children feel happy and safe at school so we are spending lots of time talking about our feelings. 


Worry Monsters

With lots of things being different at the moment, we understand that the children may have some worries. We discussed these in class and spoke about how it is ok to have worries and what we can do to try and help us when we feel worried. One of the ideas we came up with was to talk about it. 

We had lots of fun making 'Worry Monsters' that we can talk to if we don't feel ready to talk to a person. 

Together, we grow our love for learning.