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Summer 1 - School Closure

What can we grow in our garden?

This half term, our learning will be focused all around plants and the great outdoors, thinking about what we can grown in our garden. In Science, we will learn to identify and name the main parts of a flower, including considering how each part helps a plant to grow. We will plant different seeds and test the conditions in which plants grow best. We will also consider the life cycle of a plant, observing how a seed changes as it grows through each stage. In English, we will use the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' to continue our learning on plants and we will learn to write our own version of this traditional tale. Our Art learning will focus around flowers, including learning colour mixing skills to recreate Monet's water lily painting. We will also learn about Georgia O'Keeffe and create our own sunflower artwork. Following on from this artwork, we will consider which plants & flowers we like the best and why.


Please use the document below to get you started on how to start this learning journey at home.

Art & Craft Ideas

Together, we grow our love for learning.