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What makes me a superhero? (Autumn1)

What makes me a superhero?


This half term, whilst settling in to Year R, the children will become immersed in learning about superheroes.  We will learn about what super powers we possess ourselves and how they make us amazing!


We start by learning about 'Supertato' exploring how he used his super strength to save the vegetables from the evil pea!  We will be sequencing the story, creating a story map and learning the story so we can recite a simplified version.



In Knowledge and Understanding we will be talking about our families and things we like and dislike, going on an autumn walk, finding out about the trees in the school grounds and learning some harvest songs.


In math's we will start to build our knowledge of of what makes up each number and how we can represent it many different ways.  The 'Numberblocks' from Cbeebies will give us a helping hand with this!



In phonics we will be focusing on listening and rhyming games, later in term we will being learning our letter sounds starting with m,a,s,d,t.


Please follow this link for information about our phonics programme: 


In physical development we will start P.E. lessons with Mr Smith focusing on different ways we can move our bodies. 



Autumn 1- What makes me a superhero?

Together, we grow our love for learning.