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What makes the Arctic and Antarctic special?

What makes the Arctic and Antarctic so special?


This half term, we will be exploring the top and bottom of our world; the Arctic and Antarctic. We will explore the animals that make their homes there, including how they adapt to survive and the food that they eat. In Science, we will learn about how they rely on each other and use the terms carnivore, herbivore & omnivore to describe their diets.  We will explore these regions and all their beauty. Within our Art lessons, we will learn to identify and mix the three primary colours to create secondary. We will use these colours to create our own polar region backwash with a silhouette animal.


To prepare for our great work, we will explore snowflakes and why they are not all the same shape. It will be a challenge to design and make different snowflakes which we will eventually bring home for our families as Christmas decorations. We hope that you will hang them somewhere special to celebrate our learning!

A gift for you!

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Highlight of the Week - 25th November 2019


This week, we were very excited to become archaeologists and explore the poo of different Arctic and Antarctic animals! Our challenge was to find out what these animals eat by dissecting their poo and talking about what we found. We found all sorts including bones, fur and grass. This helped us to identify animals that are herbivores, omnivores and carnivores. What a lot of fun!

Highlight of the Week - 18.11.19


We used our colour mixing skills from last week to create our own polar region backgrounds! We used white and black to make lighter and darker shades of blue. Check back next week to see our finished pieces with our silhouette animals!

Highlight of the Week - 04.11.19


On Friday 8th November, we were very excited to welcome Matrix Theatre to Farnborough Grange Infants to help us bring our learning to life on 'Why do we celebrate Bonfire Night?'. We dressed up in costumes and used props to retell the story of the gunpowder plot, considering the reasons behind the plot and why we still celebrate Bonfire Night today.


In English, we used our drama learning to help us to write a recount in the past tense. We also learnt how to keep ourselves safe around fireworks and bonfires - a very important skill to learn!

Together, we grow our love for learning.