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What will we see on a journey through Africa?

What will we see on a journey through Africa?


This half term, our learning will be a complete contrast to our Arctic & Antarctic learning as we explore the wonderful continent of Africa. Within this learning enquiry, we will use maps, globes & atlases to locate the world's seven continents & five oceans. This will develop our understanding of Africa as a continent and the vast range of countries within. In Art, we will continue to apply our colour mixing skills by painting our own African backgrounds, complete with silhouette animals & African trees. We are very excited to find out more about African animals, including the big five, and we will use the internet to research key facts. We will also explore how these animals rely on each other within our Science learning, including considering their diets and habitats. In D&T, we will have the opportunity to use exotic fruits to make our own fruit kebabs and we will also design and make our own African safari vehicles, complete with wheels & axles.


Our families are invited to join us for our African Day on Friday 14th February. Please look out for details of this nearer the time.

African Afternoon


Thank you to those of you who were able to join us for our African afternoon. Our great works are a wonderful opportunity for you to come and celebrate your children's achievements and the children love sharing their learning with you! We hope you enjoyed their artwork, D&T project and tasty fruit kebabs!

Highlights of the Week - 10th February 2020

We had a wonderful time finding out fruits that grow in Africa and using them to make fruit kebabs! We used stringy pineapple, squishy bananas and juicy oranges. We learnt how to use knives in a safe way and chose pieces of fruit to go on our fruit kebabs. We cannot wait to try them!

This week, we used all of our problem solving skills to plan and make a safari vehicle! It needed to be suitable for the African savannahs and we needed to consider the shape, size and colour. We enjoyed learning to use hacksaws to cut our dowels to size and adding our wheels to create an axle. We then finished off by painting them, ensuring that they were camouflaged - we cannot wait to test them out once they are dry!

Highlight of the Week - 27th January 2020


In Science, we have been thinking about the animals that live in Africa and how they all depend on each other. We dissected the poo of different animals found in the African savannahs, using tools and making notes as we researched! We were then able to discuss what these animals eat and group them into herbivores and carnivores. From this, we constructed simple food chains and were able to describe how the animals depend on each other. Take a look at us being scientists!

Highlight of the Week - 20th January 2020


In Art, we have been exploring the three primary colours and how can we mix these together to make secondary colours. We used this skill to create an African background of reds, yellows & oranges and we then used our drawing and cutting skills to create an animal silhouette out of black card! Take a look at our finished artwork, we are very proud!

Highlight of the Week - 6th January 2020


This week, we have immersed ourselves in Africa as a continent and where it is located on the globe. We used maps, atlases and globes to explore the world's seven continents and five oceans. Here is a useful riddle that we have learnt to help us to remember the names! Perhaps we could teach you at home!

Together, we grow our love for learning.