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What’s inside an egg?

Week beginning 15th Match 2020

This week we have been extremely busy becoming palaeontologists!  We have been exploring dinosaur bones, fossils and learning about Mary Anning and famous fossil hunter from history.  We learnt that she lived in England, in Lyne Regis.When she was 12 she and her brother uncovered an Ichthyosaurus skeleton that was 5.2 metres long!  As she grew up she continued to scour the beaches and found many more skeletons!


We have been making our own fossils this week to go into our class dinosaur museum. we have had great fun mixing up slat dough and making pressings of dinosaur bones. They look amazing!

Week beginning 8th March 2020

This week we have been for a walk around the school grounds.  We were looking for signs of spring. We have noticed that the trees are starting to get their leaves back, especially on our willow den.  We saw buds on the trees, blue bells, blossom and lots of daffodils. What a beautiful place our world is!

Week beginning 2nd March 2020

This week we have been learning how to keep our teeth healthy.  We have talked about good and bad foods, what might happen when we go to the dentist and how we clean them. we have ordered pictures to show teeth cleaning and had so much fun cleaning the giant set of teeth we have in school.  They did look shiny and bright after we had finished with them!

Week beginning 24th February 2020

On Monday morning we had a time machine delivered to our classrooms, we went out into a jungle and found egg shells, fur, feathers and a nest full of eggs.  When we got back to the classroom Andy from Cbeebies adventures had left us an egg and a book.  We wonder what will hatch from our egg?
Together, we grow our love for learning.