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Why do we love to be beside the seaside?

Why do we love to be beside the seaside?


We will finish our Year 2 learning journey by exploring our wonderful seaside and all that it has to offer. We will start off with an exciting visit to West Wittering seaside, where we will build sandcastles, explore the tidal pattern and eat our picnic lunch on the sand dunes. Our Great Work will be a great beach clean up on our visit, where we will work together to make the seaside a cleaner place. For our Geography focus, we will compare West Wittering seaside to where we live, including looking at the human and physical features of a seaside. We will also learn to identify coastal areas on a map. Back at school, we will use the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' as our focus text and we will take part in a D&T project to design and create our own boats. They must be strong enough to carry a sandwich, but they also need to float! We will find out which materials are waterproof and which are not. In Science, we will explore the different habitats that the seaside offers and we will learn about animals that live here. In Art, we will focus in on some of these animals and use clay to make seaside creature sculptures.

How can I make a boat that floats?


After reading the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch, we decided to make boats that would carry Mr Grinling's lunch across the sea. To start off with, we tested materials to see which ones were waterproof and learnt new vocabulary such as 'absorbent'. We found out that cardboard is not waterproof and so not a good material to use! We then designed & planned how to make our boats before making them, using scissors & celloptape to cut and join. Finally, we tested our boats by using real sandwiches. Most made it across but some needed modifying & tweaking - what a lot of learning!

Year 2 Leavers' Party


On Thursday 18th July, we had a lovely after-school party celebrating the children's final days here at Farnborough Grange. The children enjoyed a range of sporting games & activities including rock paper scissors & team races. They then shared a picnic-style tea of pizza, quorn nuggets & biscuits on the playground with squash, followed by a wonderful disco in the hall! A lovely time was had by all and the children especially loved finishing off with an ice lolly on the way home!

What can we use to decorate biscuits?


The part that we had all been waiting for... we were finally able to decorate our biscuits! We used icing sugar mixed with water and we added a little bit at a time until it was the correct thickness. We then used 4 different food colourings to dye our icing red, green, blue & yellow. We took it in turns to spread the icing across our biscuits and we then chose from smarties, pearls & jelly tots for the toppings. They were delicious! We really enjoyed eating them whilst listening to our home time story!

How do we make sea-themed biscuits?


This week, we have been building up to making our own sea-themed biscuits. We started off by working out how much they would cost, and we then used coins to make the amount. We also learnt how to give change from a given amount.


Finally, we were able to practise our weighing skills to make our own biscuits! We enjoyed mixing the ingredients and rolling out the dough, using cutters and knives to shape them. We cannot wait to ice and decorate them!

How can we retell a story?


This morning when we went outside, we found a strange basket on a picnic blanket, full of a delicious lunch! We discovered that for our last few weeks in year two, we are going to be sharing and learning the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch' by David and Ronda Armitage. Today's learning question was 'How can I retell a story?'. We worked together to retell the story through role play, acting out the character's actions & emotions by using our bodies. We now know the story really well!

Why do Christians go to Church?


In RE, we have been exploring why Christians go to Church and the ways in which they worship God. On Friday 5th July, we walked to our local Church, the Church of the Good Shepherd, and took part in some learning activities that helped us to consider ways that Christians worship God. We enjoyed sharing Bible stories, designing our own vestments for the Vicar and seeing bread & wine on the communion table.

What can we do about the plastic crisis?


We having explored different emotive words to describe how we feel about the plastic crisis in our oceans & beaches. Some of our favourite adjectives include angry, cross & devastated... So we decided to do something about it! We wrote letters explaining our concerns and possible solutions and we posted them to Michael Gove. Check back on here to see if we get a reply!

Should plastic be banned?


Following on from our learning about plastic in our oceans, we held a class debate to discuss whether we think plastic should be banned. We started off by looking at the positives and negatives that plastic present and we then came to our own conclusions. Watch us debating with each other!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

What is harming our beaches and oceans?


We have been shocked to discover the true problem that plastic is creating for our beaches and oceans! So much single-use plastic is polluting our oceans and many animals are getting injured or killed. We have explored the many problems that our oceans face and we decided to do something about it! We are going to write a letter to Michael Gove, explaining our concerns and what we think needs to be done to help our planet.

How can we use clay to create our own sculptures?


We have been finding out facts about different seaside creatures, including what they look like. We used clay and changed the shape of it by kneading, rolling and flattening. We focused on the different body parts of the creatures and then joined by moulding the parts together. What wonderful but messy learning!

How can we create our own seaside horizons?


We are enjoying learning about the different parts of the seaside and we created our own seaside horizons. We know that a horizon is where the land and the sky meet and we discussed the colours we needed to use to show this. We used chalks to create our horizons and tried different techniques, such as smudging, to show different textures.

We did love to be beside the seaside!


On Thursday 6th June, we had a fantastic day down at West Wittering seaside! We were so lucky with the weather as it was warm and sunny all day, although a little windy too! Our highlights of the day included building sandcastles to explore tidal patterns, shell hunting and the best part... paddling in the sea! We also found it extremely funny when some pesky seagulls were circling over our heads trying to steal our lunch! What a wonderful day we had!

How can we keep ourselves safe in the sun?


In PSHE, we have been learning how to keep ourselves safe when it is hot and sunny. We learnt that we have to drink plenty of water, wear sun cream, sun hats & sun glasses and to try and stay in the shade when possible. We then worked in teams to produce our own 'sun safety adverts'. Don't we make great performers?

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