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Year 1

Our next learning enquiry is

What makes me special?

Your new teachers for Year 2 would love to find out all about you & what makes you special! This project will give you the chance to tell them about yourself, as well as think about what your favourite parts of Year 1 were. You will also be able to practise skills to get you ready for Year 2. Have lots of fun!




Please click on the document below to see the timetable for suggested learning. We have included all resources that you will need to support your child with this project.

Week 1 Resources

Week 2 Resources

Week 3 Resources

Week 4 Resources

Week 5 Resources

Craft Ideas

Our next learning enquiry is


 What is it like to be a pirate? 

Throughout this 2 week project, we would like you to find out about famous pirates, pretend you are stuck on a pirate ship and write a message in a bottle, make your own pirate hat and eye-patch. The project ends with you having your own pirate-themed tea-party with your family or toys!


Please click on the document below to see the daily suggested learning.


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What is it like to be a pirate? Suggested activities

Craft Ideas










Our next learning enquiry is

What makes minibeasts so fascinating?

Throughout this project you will be asked to explore different types of minibeasts and their habitats. We even want you to think about what you would do if you shrunk to the size of a minibeast!


Please click on the document below to see the daily suggested learning.



Within the document above there are links to websites to help you access lesson resources and online games, just click on anything that is underlined in blue on the table.

English Resources


Maths resources

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Craft Ideas







At this time of the year, Year One would have been learning all about plants and growing with the learning enquiry,

'What can we grow in our garden?'

We would love it if you can have a go at some of the ideas that we would have been exploring. The learning attached has ideas for the next two weeks (20.02.2020 until 01.05.2020) but feel free to choose what works best for you. Enjoy learning together. We can not wait to hear what you have been up to and what you have learnt about! 

What can we grow in our garden? Learning Overview and Suggested Daily Learning

Within the above document there are linked webpages to help you find where to access lesson resources or online games.

Key Words and Common Exception Words

Science learning

Art Learning

Together, we grow our love for learning.